Traits Needed to be a Successful Time For You Franchisee: Do YOU Have What It Takes?

Traits Needed to be a Successful Time For You Franchisee: Do YOU Have What It Takes?

Stepping into the world of franchising with Time For You is an exciting opportunity. But let’s be honest – not everyone’s cut out to be a successful franchisee. It takes a certain set of traits, skills, and a whole lot of grit. So, do YOU have what it takes?

Being a successful franchisee requires more than just following Time For You’s proven business model. It’s about having the mindset, skills, and attitude to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. From mastering communication and customer service to being adaptable and financially savvy, these traits are truly what determine your success. With these traits, you could join our top franchisees, who are earning over £425,000 a year!

The SEVEN Core Traits of a Successful Franchisee

1. Do You Consider Yourself a “People Person”?

This is one of the most important criteria in determining your success in this business. Our successful franchisees are genuine 'people people'. They effortlessly build relationships with clients and, most importantly, possess the 'likeability factor'.

Remember, YOU are not only the face of your business, but also the face of Time For You in your local community. Clients want to feel valued and appreciated. A genuine people person can make all the difference with a warm smile, a listening ear, and the knack for making anyone feel comfortable. Not only will this help you retain clients, but onboard lots more!

2. Do You Have the Ambition & Drive to Run Your Own Business?

Success doesn’t magically appear, and a high level of earnings won't be handed to you on a plate. Ambition is your driving force. Set ambitious goals – exceed customer expectations, stay ahead of the competition, and build a business you’re proud of. Set your goals, then pursue them relentlessly!

Ambition and drive is what’s allowed many of our franchisees to join the six-figure club. So, do you have the drive to build yourself a six-figure business? If the answer is a YES, then Time For You might be the perfect opportunity for YOU!

3. The Importance of a Positive Attitude: Is Your Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

Attitude is an important factor in determining any success, and that's definitely true with Time For You. How will you cope when things don't go your way? Challenges are inevitable. It’s how you react that matters. Franchisees with a positive attitude bounce back from setbacks and find growth opportunities even in tough situations. If you can honestly say that you'll pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get on with it you'll be a great candidate for Time For You.

4. Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Build a Successful Business?

At Time For You, We are looking for bright, switched-on people with an entrepreneurial streak. Following the proven franchise model is crucial, but a spark of entrepreneurial spirit is pure gold. Think outside the box to market your business locally, engage with the community, and go above and beyond for your customers – always in line with the brand’s values. To be a successful franchisee, you need to be able to spot opportunities to develop and grow your business, maximising your profile in your local area.

5. Are You Dedicated to Learning and Growth?

The world of franchising is constantly evolving. That’s why continuous learning is a must. To be a great franchisee it is essential to stay up to date with industry news, competitor moves, and emerging trends. It is vital that our franchisees keep their business fresh, relevant, and ahead of the game.

6. Want a Life of Freedom and Flexibility? Then How Strong Are Your Time Management Skills?

Time is your most valuable asset. The role of a franchisee is to balance client appointments, cleaner management, and administrative tasks. Great franchisees are organised, plan their days strategically, and delegate tasks effectively. This way, our franchisees are able to make the most of the freedom and flexibility that owning a Time For You franchise offers!

7. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART:  Are You Willing to Put in The EFFORT?

Effort is the driving force of any successful business, and a Time For You franchise is no exception. While our proven business model provides a solid foundation, it is your dedication and hard work that will determine your success. Effort means going the extra mile for your clients, and continuously seeking ways to improve and grow your business. So do you have what it takes to face challenges head-on, learn from setbacks, and put in the hours required to build a thriving business? Without perseverance and relentless effort, even the best franchise opportunities can fall short.

The "Not So Obvious" – Yet Equally Important Traits

Let’s go beyond the expected traits and explore those less obvious but equally important characteristics of successful franchisees.


Market trends shift, client preferences evolve, and new challenges arise. It’s not about resisting change but embracing it as an opportunity for growth. Our franchisees are flexible and able to pivot their strategy when needed, this means they are able to grow their business and take it to new heights! The sky’s the limit with Time For You…


If it was easy, everyone would do it, right? Setbacks are part of any business. It’s how you respond that counts. Resilient franchisees rise to the occasion, learn from their mistakes, dust themselves off, and come back even stronger. At Time For You, we don’t see set backs as a negative, but as an opportunity for growth!

Financially Savvy

You don’t need to be a financial expert, but having a solid grasp of the fundamentals is crucial. To be a successful franchisee, it is essential that you manage your finances effectively to ensure long-term sustainability. At Time For You, we provide support and financial guidance to navigate business finance complexities.


Our franchisees thrive on Time For You’s proven systems and processes. It is vital that our franchisees understand how these systems contribute to efficiency, consistency, and success. They have been tried, tested and perfected, after all!


In today’s tech-driven world, being comfortable with technology is essential. From managing online bookings to understanding analytics, being tech-savvy gives our franchisees a competitive edge. At Time For You, we embrace digital tools to stay ahead… we definitely aren’t dinosaurs around here!

Developing Those Essential Traits

So, what if you don’t possess all these traits yet? Relax. No one is born a super-franchisee. These traits develop over time – through experience, learning, and a bit of trial and error.

Seeking Knowledge and Guidance 

We have an incredible support team at Time For You Head office, where you’ll have access to our incredible business development and IT team… we want all of our franchises to thrive! That’s our number one priority, always.

It is also super important to surround yourself with the right people – mentors, business coaches, and fellow franchisees. Their experiences, insights, and support are invaluable! 

Keep Learning New Skills

Step outside your comfort zone. Try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them. At Time For You, we provide plenty of online resources and in-person training days which are designed specifically for our franchisees. But why stop there? Invest in your development, and every challenge you overcome means that you are one step closer to becoming the mega successful business owner you aspire to be!

Food For Thought...

Becoming a successful Time For You franchisee is a rewarding journey, however, it does require you to possess a unique skill-set and specialised traits. By understanding and cultivating these traits and embracing continuous learning, YOU can set yourself on the path to success. Remember, it’s not just about following the system – it’s about bringing your unique strengths to the table and using them to create your own successful and thriving business!

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