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What is Time For You?

Time For You is a management franchise.

Our franchisees DON'T clean houses...

But they do make great money!

It's ideal for individuals or couples who want to run their own domestic cleaning business in their own exclusive territory, without ever having to clean anything.

The demand for cleaning services is growing constantly in the UK and you will never be short of enquiries from potential clients.

We'll show you how to find the right cleaners, at the right time and at the right price, and how to earn money from every client, every week, month in and month out, without ever doing any of the cleaning yourself.

In a nutshell, if you want to be in control of your future, with a business that has real potential and with a proven track record of success then Time For You is the best franchise opportunity around.


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We Follow A Proven Formula
After 23 years & over 200 successful franchisees we know what works!


You Find The Customers...
Using our proven 'turn-key' marketing tools


You Find The Cleaners...
Using our successful methods


You Put Them Together...
& take a slice of the income

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We have a list of what we call our
'Ideal Business Ingredients'
We think this list is an invaluable check-list to anyone thinking of starting any business:

Huge Demand

For any business to be successful, it must have a product that someone wants and needs. The Local Home Owners in the UK are always looking for cost-effective ways to get the cleaning and ironing done – and there's nothing that provides better value or more exposure than Time For You. Plus, of course, there's our very deliberate positioning as only working with 'the best'. This cache really helps create demand from owners who want to become part of the club.

Low Maintenance

You're not tied to the telephone or to servicing equipment or machines with Time For You. You are your business and there are very few repetitive tasks to undertake.

No Stock

Stock takes up cash, capital and space – but you don't have any stock with Time For You That means this is a very low cost and hassle free business to run.

No Employees

Avoid the cost, the hiring headaches, the training…enough said. Some of our franchisees have taken on staff as they have expanded but most have no employees. They do outsource work though – things like book-keeping and admin. But because they're not employees you only pay for the work that they do.

Residual Income

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of Time For You: Your customers remain with you month after month and they pay you quaterly. Having this regular, contracted, quarterly income that comes in on the same day of each quarter by direct debit is so valuable in business. It not only helps hugely with the quality of your sleep(!) but it also has a big impact on the value of your business as a saleable asset...


This is a 'win-win' business that you can be proud of. Your customers make more money. You win with a profitable business AND prestige and respect within your community. You'll become really well known on your patch – a person with real influence - and be seen as someone who is right at the hub of your local community.


Your monthly overheads are tiny. We've looked hard and we don't think there's a bone fide business out there with a lower cost base.

Little or No Financial Risk Involved

It's already been tested and proven by more than 200 franchise areas in the UK, Australia and Ireland…many of whom have achieved stunning results.


The Time For You App

Probably the best way we make our franchisees lives so simple and stress free is with the brilliant Time For You App.

We were one of the first cleaning companies to embrace app technology and our market leading 'franchisee only' app just keeps on getting better and better.

The App enables you to run so much of your business literally from the phone in your pocket wherever you happen to be.


Got a new client? Pop the details in the App and all your cleaners are notified automatically (via their Time For You app) so they can 'claim' the job;

Feedback from a client? no problem it's in the app.


All your Client Agreements are digitally signed in the app, all your contacts and communication with your customers and your cleaners is in the app.

Honestly, it makes this business soooooooooooo easy to run.

And we're always developing the app making it better, adding new functionality to make our franchisees lives easier.



guaranteeThe Time For You system is so powerful, and has been proven now for well over 20 years, that we back it up with our unique

100% Buy-Back

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