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"If you’re prepared to work hard, Time For You helps to give you something that everyone wants: freedom, the perfect work/life balance and not forgetting, a good income."

Samantha Low
Time for You

I was in a very difficult time of my life: juggling a job I didn't like, having a disabled daughter that meant having to take time off work (that didn't go down well with my boss) and being a wife and mother. It was all too much, really.

I started to look for a way out and I came across a Time For You flyer through my door that read: "We cleaned 17 homes today and never left our house!". Well, that appealed to me! That was six years ago...

I gave up my job and joined as a business owner. Now, six years on, it's not just me running the business, it's now a proper family run enterprise! My husband, Alasdair, left his IT job in 2016 to join me and we haven't looked back. We love it!

The key benefit of running our Time For You business is being able to run the business on our terms. We run our business from home and we have the business at the size that is right for us as a family. We have achieved the perfect work/life balance and we couldn't be happier!

We go on lots of holidays each year and spend most of the summer away touring around the UK, always with our daughter, as time isn't an issue anymore. We never neglect the business, though. We may be away but we are always available for our clients and cleaners, whether we are in the UK or even abroad! We run the business from wherever we are.

If you are prepared to work hard - and accept there will be some blood, sweat and tears, especially in the first few months - then Time For You will give you something that surely everyone wants: freedom, the perfect work/life balance and not forgetting, a good income.

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