Cleaning Franchise

It’s Our Franchisees That Make Time For You Special


One of the core values of Time For You is the continual training and development programs. By training and developing our business owners in the fields of Marketing, Internet, Technology, Social Media and more we can ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.


We aim to help each business owner achieve their own personal and business goals. Through individual development planning and group training we can help our business owners achieve in realistic timescales.


The business owners get access to specially developed technology and back-end systems to help manage their businesses. There is the iPad app, the cloud database, the social hub and much more. Many ideas come from the business owners themselves.


The best thing about Time For You is that it’s like an extended family. We’re all in it together, we all grow together and we all have fun together. You only have to ask one of our business owners to see if this is true!

The Story

How Time For You Began

Way back in 1998, Freddie Rayner had an idea. He wanted to get paid upfront by his clients, he didn’t want to do the cleaning himself and he wanted some work life balance.

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The Team



Managing Director

Ruth is the brains behind the operation, she makes sure that the business runs smoothly and all systems and procedures are adhered to.



Franchise Director

Freddie is the driving force behind the business. His will to always win and be the best is why Time For You is such a successful franchise.



Operations Director

Sam is the visionary for the future. He likes to develop and improve the business and it’s systems and also takes pride in franchisee development.



Head Of Franchise Recruitment

John began his career as a franchiser owner himself at Dublcheck, where he worked for 6 years and produced an impressive turnover of £250,000. Read more here



Australian Director

Andrew is a successful business man an open minded entrepreneur in charge of Australia.



European Director

Ole is key in ensuring things run smoothly in terms of the Norway operation.


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