Welcome Indie to the Franchise Support Team

Welcome Indie to the Franchise Support Team

Over 200 Applicants, One Standout

When we set out to find our new content and marketing expert, we knew we needed someone extraordinary. More than two hundred candidates threw their hats into the ring, buzzing with individual mixes of expertise and backgrounds. It was tough sifting through so much talent, but Indie’s portfolio and passion stood out like a beacon.

"Joining the team is an exciting opportunity, and I’m so pleased to be able to join such a dynamic franchise support team.” say's Indie

Her talent for creative storytelling and strategic thinking made her the ideal candidate. When Indie creates something new for us to enjoy online she makes certain every bit of it has meaning – striking chords with those who see her work and encouraging them to dive into the discussion headfirst.

A Perfect Fit For The Franchise Support Team

Why did Indie fit so perfectly? The answer lies in her attitude and experience. From crafting catchy posts to engaging with followers - she’s turned many brand pages from zero to hero. Her focus? Understanding what makes each Time For You Franchise unique and then shouting it from the rooftop!

"Indie's ability to understand a brand's voice and amplify it across platforms is truly remarkable," notes Freddie Rayner, Franchise Director of Time For You.

Indie's Vision: A New Content Era

Educating About Franchising: Indie is on a mission to engage with people and educate them about what franchising really is.. From articles to infographics, she intends to break down franchising jargon and present it in a way everyone can understand – think less textbook and more storybook. Blogging or video-making, you name it—she has a way of turning the complicated world of franchising into something you'd want to explore more about.

Telling Time For You’s Story

Time For You isn’t your average company. From deep historical roots to a one-of-a-kind business strategy and an engaging company environment - we've got something incredible here that's worth shouting about. With narratives full of passion, Indie plans on enchanting prospective collaborators while winning over hearts in the customer base.

Sharing Franchise Success Stories

With over 150 franchises in the Time For You group, there’s no shortage of success stories. The goal for us here at Time For You Franchise? To put the incredible narratives and achievements of our franchise owners front and center for everyone to see. Celebrating tales of perseverance and achievement doesn't just honor those who've made it – it beckons new faces to see what's possible with Time For You.

The Strategy: Multi-Platform Content Creation

Indie’s first order of business is to revitalise our social media presence. With an incredible talent for designing visually striking content coupled with engaging narratives, she effortlessly draws attention and encourages conversation. Expect to see a surge in our social media activity, with content that not only informs but also entertains.

With social media in our toolkit, creating connections and broadcasting our message becomes a breeze. Indie is pumped to tap into every bit of its power.

Crafting compelling, informative blogs sits at the heart of what makes Indie’s approach stand out. Expect her to share pearls of wisdom on running franchises smoothly along with peeks behind the curtain of home cleaning businesses. These posts will not only educate but also position Time For You as a thought leader in the franchising world.

In the age of YouTube and TikTok, video content is king. Imagine this – Indie piecing together vibrant videos that narrate our unique story step by step. Peek inside Time For You with exclusive videos showcasing what goes on backstage and listening to what our franchise partners have to say.

Let’s not forget the power of a well-crafted and thought out email. Indie plans to develop targeted email campaigns that nurture leads and keep our audience informed about the latest happenings at Time For You. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter or a special announcement, these emails will be designed to engage and convert.

With Indie coming on board, Time For You is flipping to a fresh page. Get ready for a shake-up in how we do things around here—her talent and excitement are gearing up to take our marketing efforts by storm, boosting both engagement and visibility across the board. The anticipation is building for the fresh, impactful content she’s about to drop that’ll surely stir our community!

So, if you’re not already following Time For You on social media, now’s the time to start.

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