Time for You Gives Back to The Community

Time for You Gives Back to The Community

"Time for You," a well-known name in Northamptonshire's domestic cleaning industry, has an inspiring story to share. They recently presented a heartfelt donation of £1,680 to The Lewis Foundation – a charity that offers free gifts to adults undergoing cancer treatment across 17 hospitals in the Midlands. This act was driven by the recent cancer diagnosis of Freddie Rayner, one of the co-founders and directors of Time for You.

Seeking to reciprocate the love and support his father received, Sam Stawarz, the managing director of "Time for You," led his team in a fundraising competition at the company’s annual general meeting, dinner, and dance. The event saw active participation from over 150 franchisees, and the funds raised were match-funded by "Time for You" to boost the final donation.

A family-run business that has been operational in the county for over two decades, "Time for You" has always had a strong connection with the local community. The Lewis Foundation was chosen for its remarkable efforts in providing free gift bags to individuals receiving treatment in hospital, a cause that deeply resonates with the Time for You family.

Sam Stawarz mentions, “We are a family-run business and Freddie is my colleague, co-founder, and father.” He adds, "We collectively chose to support a charity that was making a difference to cancer patients – The Lewis Foundation was the perfect choice."

He further praises the charity saying, "What The Lewis Foundation does to provide free gift bags to individuals receiving treatment in hospital is simply incredible. It's an organisation that really resonates with us all."

Sharing hope for the future, Sam says, “We hope to be able to continue to support The Lewis Foundation throughout 2024 as a way of saying thank you for their efforts and services to the community.”

Lorraine Lewis, co-founder and CEO of The Lewis Foundation, expresses her gratitude, “Donations like this from local businesses allow us to continue our work, and are made even more poignant when we learn the reasons behind them."

Through their contribution, "Time for You" has shown that a business isn't just about providing top-notch services but also about being a responsible part of the community. Their act of generosity will fund more than 460 free gift bags for individuals undergoing cancer treatment in Northamptonshire and the Midlands, bringing a spark of joy during challenging times.

In this touching tale, the company truly lives up to their name, proving that there is always "Time for You" to make a difference, no matter who you are or where you come from.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit The Lewis Foundation.

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