Time For You Clinches the 5* Franchisee Satisfaction Award

Time For You Clinches the 5* Franchisee Satisfaction Award

In an extraordinary display of commitment to excellence, Time For You, the leading UK-based Domestic Cleaning Franchise, has once again won the esteemed 5* Franchisee Satisfaction Award. Garnering this accolade for the second consecutive year, the award underscores our unwavering dedication to ensuring franchisee happiness and our consistent stride towards growth and profitability.

An Independent Award: A Testament to Genuine Excellence

This accolade is not a mere token. It is the result of an independent survey conducted by third-party agency Workbuzz. They ensure honest feedback, providing us with valuable insights on where we stand and how we can elevate our game. The robust survey spans various aspects of franchising, including culture, systems, leadership, rewards, and value.

Overwhelming Positive Feedback: A Boost to Our Morale

Our franchisee community's overwhelmingly positive feedback has been the cornerstone of our success. The numbers speak volumes about our performance: a whopping 91% of our franchisees have shown interest in re-signing their agreements, and an impressive 94% anticipate earning the same or more in the upcoming year.

Continual Improvement: Our Path to Consistent Success

Winning the 5* Franchisee Satisfaction Award for the second time running is a testament to our efforts and innovation in refining our franchisees’ experience. However, we see it not as an end point, but a stepping stone for further improvements.

Our vision goes beyond mere accolades; it lies in the consistent value we provide to our franchisees. Their satisfaction translates into the excellent service quality they provide to our clients, which in turn consolidates our position as the leading UK-based Domestic Cleaning Franchise.

Staying Ahead of the Curve in a Competitive Market

In the face of formidable market competition, we continually strive to distinguish our brand and services. The 5* Franchisee Satisfaction Award not only bolsters our reputation but also works as a powerful differentiator in the domestic cleaning industry.


Earning this award for the second straight year is a significant achievement for the entire Time For You family. It underlines our commitment to franchisee satisfaction, exceptional service delivery, and continuous growth.

At Time For You, we are not just celebrating an award; we are celebrating the relationships we have built with our franchisees, the trust they have bestowed upon us, and the road we have embarked on towards ongoing progress and success. As we march into the future, we remain committed to driving efficiency, improving franchisee happiness and ensuring the growth and profitability of our franchise.

Read the full Franchisee Satisfaction report here

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