The Inspiring Success Story of Amie-Jo and Sean: A Testament to Franchise Success Rates

The Inspiring Success Story of Amie-Jo and Sean: A Testament to Franchise Success Rates


The world of franchising offers a gateway to entrepreneurial success, especially when you have the right support and systems in place. At Time For You, we pride ourselves on our proven track record of transforming lives through our domestic cleaning franchise opportunities. In this article we share the inspiring journey of two of our most successful franchisees, Amie-Jo and Sean. Their story is not just about business growth but also about thriving community spirit, hard work and dedication, and finding love. 

A Journey Rooted in Dedication: Amie-Jo's Story

Amie-Jo's journey with Time For You began in the most hands-on way possible. Pre-COVID, she started as a cleaner for our Luton franchise, working diligently and showcasing exceptional skills. Her potential did not go unnoticed; when the pandemic struck, Chris and Jenny, owners of the Luton franchise, saw a tremendous opportunity and appointed her as their office manager.

"The transition was seamless," Amie-Jo shares. “The company’s excellent systems and the support within the group made my new role incredibly fulfilling.”

Thriving in her managerial role, Amie-Jo experienced first-hand the support and effective systems Time For You had in place. She saw the amazing feedback from other franchisees and quickly realised the potential for success. Motivated by her positive experiences and the comprehensive support from Time For You, Amie-Jo decided to take a leap of faith and became a franchisee in Biggleswade.

Sean’s Leap into Franchising

Sean's background was considerably different, yet equally inspiring. As an experienced businessman, Sean was looking for a promising franchise opportunity that matched his entrepreneurial spirit. In 2021, he established his Time For You franchise in Canterbury, leveraging his business acumen and Time For You’s proven systems to rapidly grow his client base.

"It was an ambitious venture," Sean recalls. “But with Time For You’s exceptional support and my drive for success, I knew I could make it work.”

His instincts were right. By 2023, Sean’s Canterbury franchise grew so much that he purchased another area in Dover, extending his reach and further growing his business.

A Meeting of Minds and Hearts

In 2022, both Amie-Jo and Sean attended the Time For You Annual General Meeting. This event is designed to celebrate successes, share insights, and build meaningful connections among franchisees. Little did they know, attending this meeting would change their lives in more ways than one. Amie-Jo and Sean instantly connected, sharing stories of their journeys and aspirations.

"Meeting Sean felt like fate," Amie-Jo reflects on. “We clicked instantly, sharing not just business insights, but also our life goals and aspirations.”

Their relationship blossomed both personally and professionally. By 2023, they were engaged, planning their wedding, and had moved into their first home together in Essex.

Building an Empire: Their Combined Success

Both Amie-Jo and Sean have demonstrated outstanding success in their respective franchises. Amie-Jo boasts an impressive number of clients in Biggleswade, a testament to her hard work and dedication. Sean, on the other hand, manages two Time For You territories, Canterbury and Dover. Combined they have a massive 378 clients. This amazing performance will give them a projected income of over £173,000 this year!

"We are an unstoppable force," Sean proudly states. “Together, Amie-Jo and I have 378 clients. Our combined effort and mutual support has made all the difference.”

The Key to Success: Support and Community Spirit

Time For You isn’t just a franchise; it’s a supportive community where franchisees can thrive. Our systems, continuous support, and emphasis on building relationships have transformed the lives of many, including Amie-Jo and Sean. Their journey stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and unwavering support from a strong franchise network.

"The community spirit at Time For You is unmatched," Amie-Jo says. “I’ve made lifelong friends and even found love thanks to Time For You. It’s a remarkable community of like-minded individuals who support and uplift each other.”


The inspiring success story of Amie-Jo and Sean is a remarkable testament to the transformative power of owning a Time For You franchise. From starting as a cleaner to becoming a thriving franchisee, Amie-Jo has shown that with the right support and determination, anything is possible. Sean’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking have led him to expand his business successfully. Together, they exemplify the incredible potential within our franchise network.

If you’re inspired by Amie-Jo and Sean’s story and are looking for a way to transform your own life, Time For You may be for you! With our tried and tested business model, ongoing support, and a community that fosters success, your journey to becoming a successful business owner could start here.

"Time For You has changed my life completely. It's more than just a business; it's a community that feels like family." - Amie-Jo

"Joining Time For You has been the best decision of my life. The support and opportunities are unmatched." - Sean

Join us today and start writing your own success story. Because at Time For You, we believe in transforming lives, one franchise at a time. 

Although we offer a unique zero risk guarantee, we can't always guarantee a marriage ;)

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