Sam Get's Awarded Entrepreneur Of The Month

Sam Get's Awarded Entrepreneur Of The Month

Celebrating Our Managing Director's Achievement

We are excited to share a phenomenal achievement within the Time For You family. Our Managing Director, Sam, has been recognised as Entrepreneur of the Month! This recognition isn't just about individual success. It is a testament to what can be accomplished with the right blend of resilience, teamwork, and continuous improvement within a franchise business.

Sam's journey began as a franchisee with us over 13 years ago. His relentless ambition to provide the highest quality domestic cleaning services has seen him evolve from a franchisee to the Managing Director of our renowned UK brand. This achievement showcases the limitless possibilities within our franchise model for dedicated entrepreneurs who are keen to make their mark.

Operating in a challenging post-Covid economy and navigating the cost of living crisis, Sam, together with his team, adopted a strategy of resilience and continuous improvement. This approach helped Time For You hit the 7-figure (£1,000,000) revenue mark for the first time, propelling us into a new league within the domestic cleaning industry.

The key to this achievement lies in Sam's magic formula for success, built on:

Resilience: Navigating adversity without losing sight of our vision.

Collaboration: Promoting a culture where every team member's contribution matters.

Continuous Improvement: Continually assessing our business, identifying areas for enhancement, and implementing changes.

If you're considering purchasing a franchise for sale, here are the lessons from Sam's journey:

1. View your business with fresh eyes: Identify opportunities for growth and development.

2. Prioritise your customers: Understand their needs at every interaction point, not just during sales.

3. Implement changes: Actively improve the customer experience based on their feedback.

4. Test and review: Assess the impact of the changes on business growth and customer satisfaction.

5. Improve continually: Refine your processes based on your assessments.

This achievement has come about thanks to our dedicated team. Freddie, our source of motivation; Ruth, our organisational genius; John, our outstanding sales achiever; Amanda, our incredible franchisee support; Alasdair, our tech maestro; and Suzanne, our newest member already making a significant impact. See More About Our Franchise Support Team Here

So, if you're searching for a domestic cleaning franchise for sale, consider Time For You. This success story demonstrates the heights you can reach when you join a franchise with a proven business model, a collaborative environment, and a firm commitment to continuous improvement.

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