Liz is flying high with new business

Liz is flying high with new business

With thoughts turning to Spring-cleaning the home as the weather warms up, an Ealing entrepreneur is celebrating her new business venture after launching a cleaning service with a difference - she doesn't actually do any cleaning!

Former elite flight attendant to some of the most revered family names in the Gulf states, including the Bahrain royal family, Liz Lutz, has taken on a franchise with the national cleaning specialist Time For You Cleaning, covering the Ealing area.

The cleaning matchmakers

However, as Liz explains, it is not a traditional cleaning business, they are more like "cleaning matchmakers".

"It does sound a little funny but we don’t actually do any cleaning. Our job is to find cleaners for our clients and clients for our cleaners. We do the legwork, ensuring communication is clear, customer service is excellent and of course that both the clients and our team of cleaners are getting the best experience possible".

As one might expect working with royalty, along with VIP flight attendant roles with Netjets and Gulf Air, Liz has an eye for quality, detail and above all, customer service. However, it was a bout of illness during our own former Queen’s Jubilee celebrations that got Liz thinking about launching her own business.

"I was really quite ill during the Jubilee and had a lot of time on my hands to ponder my future, explains Liz. I have always had an interest in creating a business as I have met a huge variety of successful people from all backgrounds in my work in the luxury airline industry and I began to do some research.

I had been focusing on looking after my children for the last decade but now they are older, I found I had a little more flexibility and time. I was looking at various options after having our home renovated, including a building agency (as a result of my experiences of that process) and stumbled upon the Time For You franchise model.

I'm good at project management, organisation and logistics and obviously from my career to date, I do have an eye for doing things to a certain standard. So after a lot of research, conversations and training, I took the plunge and set up the business."

Time For You Franchise

Based in Northampton, Time For You’s franchise headquarters helps to drive demand for franchisees from the local customer base via marketing and administrative support.

A family business itself, it was set up by husband and wife team Freddie and Ruth Rayner in 2001 and has grown sustainably ever since, with global expansion now on the cards since son Sam Stawarz took over as managing director in the summer of 2022.

Speaking about Liz taking on the Ealing franchise, Sam comments;

"Liz is a perfect candidate to do really well with our franchise model as she has incredibly high standards and an eye for detail and she has fantastic organisational and communication skills.

I am also really pleased that Liz, like many of our franchisees, can combine her role as a parent with her new business. We’re a family business in every sense, from our founders and management team to what we actually do every day - help families and households take control of their time to do what they want to do. It is very rare that this is cleaning!

We have a huge variety of people applying to join us, from seasoned entrepreneurs seeking investment opportunities and a scalable business model to absolute beginners in business who are looking for the support that a high quality franchise model can provide. We look forward to seeing Liz create a fantastic business with us."

The 100 club

As for Liz, her first target is 100 clients;

"I’d love to get to 100 clients in the first 6 months. That may be a stretch but I’ve seen it done by other franchises across the UK so that is my aim. Of course, to do that, I will also need a reliable and ever-growing group of trusted cleaners to worK with so that recruitment element will also be a major area of focus for me too. Luckily Sam and the team at Time For You HQ will help me with that."

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