Best Family Business Award Nomination!

Best Family Business Award Nomination!

Brilliant news! Time For You Franchise has been shortlisted yet again in the "Best Family Business Category" at the esteemed East Midlands Business Master Awards by Here's a look into what this recognition means for us and our invaluable franchise community!

Navigating through the grind of the daily 9-to-5, the world of franchising often beckons as an inviting escape. As pioneers of the domestic cleaning franchise where our franchisees don’t actually do any cleaning, Time For You has always been about community and collaboration. Today, we're overjoyed to share our latest milestone!

With immense pleasure, we announce that, for the second year running, Time For You has been recognised and shortlisted in the “Best Family Business Category” at the celebrated East Midlands Business Master Awards by These awards honour the brightest and best businesses in the East Midlands, and to be acknowledged in this capacity, not once but twice, is humbling.

This recognition doesn't merely reflect our brand's growth but stands testament to the trust, passion, and hard work of our franchisees. We've always aimed to be more than just another “franchise for sale.” Our ethos has been about nurturing a family – one that doesn't just aim for profit but prioritises connection, growth, and mutual success.

To our franchise community (you can read more about what we do here), especially our dedicated franchisees who have made this recognition possible: THANK YOU. This honour is as much yours as it is Time For You’s.

Feeling grateful and proud, we're looking forward to more shared achievements and tales of success in the days to come!

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