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How much does a cleaning franchise cost?

Written by
Sam Stawarz
Published on
June 12, 2023


A cleaning franchise can be a great way to get into business, but it's not cheap. You'll need to pay for the initial franchise fee and make sure you have enough money on hand to run your new company. The good news is that there are some ways to reduce the cost of buying a cleaning franchise. Keep reading to learn more about how much it costs, what the average startup cost is, and more!

There will be a franchise fee.

The franchise fee is a one-time payment that you will make to the franchisor. It's typically between 5% and 10% of their gross sales, but it can be negotiated depending on what your needs are and how much money you want to put into this business venture.

You'll need to pay for training and support.

When you buy a cleaning franchise, it's important to remember that the training and support will be provided by the franchise. This is an important part of buying any business because it helps ensure your success as an entrepreneur.

Training will help you learn how to run your own company, while support comes in many forms including marketing assistance, legal advice, accounting support and more.

Location matters.

A franchise is only as good as its location. If you're opening a cleaning franchise, you will need to find the right place for your business. This means finding a place that has foot traffic and plenty of customers passing through-as well as demographics that match up with your business model.

If you've found the perfect spot for your cleaning franchise but it doesn't have enough foot traffic or steady flow of customers, then it might not be worth purchasing from this perspective alone (although there are other factors we'll discuss later).

How about build out?

Build out is another important factor to consider when buying a cleaning franchise. This is the process of transforming your space into a fully functional business, and it can be expensive if you don't do it right.

The good news is that build out can be done in stages, which means you don't have to spend all your money at once-especially if you're still exploring whether or not owning a cleaning franchise is right for you! You may also choose to do it yourself or hire someone else to help with the process; either way, costs will depend on how much work needs doing (e.g., painting walls) as well as how big your space is (e.g., more square footage means more materials).

Franchisees also buy supplies.

As a franchisee, you'll need to buy cleaning supplies and equipment. The type of supplies you should buy depends on what kind of franchise you choose. For example, if your business is carpet cleaning or window washing, then it will make sense for you to invest in specialised tools like power washers and vacuum cleaners.

If your business is general maintenance such as janitorial services or housekeeping (for example), then there are some items that are essential but not expensive: brooms; mops; dustpans; trash bags; sponges; disinfectant spray bottles; paper towels. You may also want some cleaning chemicals such as ammonia-based glass cleaner for mirrors/windows and tile grout cleaner for floors or showers/tubs-but these aren't necessary unless customers specifically request them when making appointments with potential clients!

A cleaning franchise can be expensive but it does offer the opportunity to grow your business and make money.

There are several costs associated with owning a cleaning franchise. Franchisee fees vary depending on the brand and can be anywhere from £5,000 to £40,000. Training and support costs vary as well, but they are usually included in your initial investment. Location will also affect build out costs; if you're opening up in an urban area where real estate is expensive it may cost more than if you were opening up in rural America where land is cheaper. Supplies vary depending on which franchise you choose; some franchises require their own branded products while others use generic supplies like mops or vacuums that can be purchased at any local hardware store (and often cost less).


Cleaning is a great business to get into. It's easy to understand and easy to do, but it's also profitable. You can make money from cleaning homes, offices or even cars! If you are interested in starting up your own cleaning franchise business then take some time to learn about what it takes before making any decisions.

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