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Your Unique Zero Risk Guarantee Explained

Time For You is so confident that, if you pass our application process, you will become a super-successful franchise that we offer a unique guarantee:

if after 18-1If you don't earn more than £30,000 in your first 18 months we will buy back your franchise for the same price you paid, including the VAT! You also get to keep the profits that you have made during the 18 months & we'll write you a cheque for £3000 in your name for trying!!


The only condition to this guarantee is that you must adhere to the marketing plan.

We know that if you follow the marketing plan, you will be a success (in truth, most of our franchisees do waaaay better than £30k in their first 18 months) but we're very happy to put our money where our mouth is and provide you with this unique zero risk guarantee.

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Our Unique Zero Risk Guarantee Explained:

In every business transaction there's a risk involved. 99% of the time it's the person who buys the service who takes on the risk, this means YOU! That's why we created our unique zero risk opportunity.

Yes, we are a highly successful Franchise Business. With our unrivalled business model we have been changing lives for the better for the past 23 years, sold over 201 franchises and have successful franchisee's across the UK, Ireland and Australia too! However, we understand this is an important decision and one that needs to be right for you and your family! You may be unsure as to the earning potential in your chosen area.

if after 18-1-1We have existing franchisees earning £65k to 250K per annum whilst working from home and never doing any cleaning themselves. EVER!

We realise that you can only benefit from the franchisee opportunity after you have made the investment and this risk is what prevents many people from going forward. YOUR Time For You opportunity comes risk free! That's right, we provide you with a complete Risk Free Approach to owning one of our franchises.

So how does it work?

if after 18-1-1If after 18 months, you have not generated a profit of £30,000, then we will "Buy Back" your franchise for the £16,750 plus VAT and you get to keep the profits that you have made during the 18 months. We'll also write you a cheque for £3000 for trying

Note: Our Franchise fee is £16,750 plus VAT, which we consider to be excellent value for such a good investment.

We do not charge a royalty fee, saving you potentially tens of thousands of pounds during your first five year term.

We do not charge a "Marketing Levy", annually saving you at least £500.

We do not charge you again for your ongoing second or more term, saving you £16,750 plus vat each time you renew your franchise term with us.

ALL of the above is EXACTLY why we have so many really happy franchisees, because of our fundamental fairness policies.

asterpinkOur Zero Risk approach is unique to Time For You and is not available through any other franchisor.


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