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Franchise Training


Sparky Anderson famously said: “Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared.”

Here at Time For You, we host a range of training activities for our franchisee owners. Our training days are fun and centred around you – none of this boring stuff where you stare at a board for hours on end while watching the clock! Our training days are a real chance to learn and hone your skills! Here’s some information on what to expect from our training programmes:

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Initial 3 day training covering all aspects of starting a Time For You Franchise including marketing, client acquisition, cleaner recruitment and business management

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Training For You, Led By You

We offer ongoing training sessions throughout the year. Our training sessions take place across the UK with 20-40 people attending each session. We will ask our franchisees if there is anything they wish to cover or practice and then conduct the training session around their needs. Previous sessions include social media methods, cleaner recruitment, marketing methods, website optimisation, networking best practices, day to day management and motivation.

Franchise Marketing Advice

We bring experts to the training days with us (internet marketing and social media people for example)

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Hands-On Advice

We host a range of group activities and workshops. For instance, we have “Bring Your Own Device” sessions (laptops and phones) where we run through challenges together on your own device. Group activities where we brainstorm all the marketing methods that the franchisees use and then share and expand. “Tip Sharing” sessions where franchisees will give away their top secrets like how to get more referrals!

Last but certainly not least it’s important to note that our training sessions are FUN! These sessions are aimed at people who don’t mind giving up their time to grow and achieve better things. The sessions are also a great networking opportunity – so much so that many people stay in hotels and enjoy some great food and drink with likeminded, determined people after the session is over!

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