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In short...
this is a simple business, based from home, with very simple bookkeeping - and huge profit potential.

The great thing about Time For You is that what you earn is entirely up to you.

Your earnings will depend on a number of things, like your work ethic, the time you devote to the business (and how effectively you spend that time) the way in which you deploy the techniques and systems we give you and of course your existing skills and experience.

During your training we'll help you to identify your localised pricing structure using a detailed competitor and market analysis and business planning tool.

You'll also be given examples of costs and working capital requirements that will help you build a five year financial projection.

Residual Income

The real beauty of this business is that all your clients are repeat clients. Many of them will stay with you for years and years, and therefore your income should grow as long as you are increasing your client base.

Residual income truly is a wonderful thing. It means that every Quarter your current clients will pay you and then you simply add in the revenue from new clients to increase your revenue month on month.

* This is really important!

It means your income grows automatically without you having to do more & more work.

Many franchisees tell us this is the best thing about the Time For You Model.

Your First Year

Most of our new franchisees set themselves the goal of joining The 100 Club before the end of their first year.

To put that in perspective it means that they have to bring on board just two new clients per week which is very doable during your first 12 months.

Once you've got over 100 clients, then your regular monthly income should be heading north of £4,000 each month.

Sure, you have to put in the work and effort to build your client base, and you have to nurture them and look after them, but if you want to take August off, say, and spend it on the beach with your family, then you can - and your income won't suffer. This is such a massive strength of this business - high earnings and great flexibility. It's what truly sets Time For You apart from most other franchise opportunities.


This is Amanda Crewe from Head Office. She is there solely to help you achieve 100 clients in your very first year!

Amanda is our Business Development Manager and is assigned to you from Day 1.


As with any business it's not just income but costs and overheads that are important, because that determines your bottom line profitability. Your franchise fees and monthly payments to us cover the costs of your support, web hosting, training and ongoing development. So your overheads remain small and your profits are maximised. You will incur some other costs, for instance, modest travel and telephone bills, and there'll be marketing elements that you want to provide as well. However, all these costs are variable and most of them are linked to client growth and revenue.

Model assumptions:

In building this model we've used the following assumptions which are based on current averages in our UK network, as at January 2021:

  • The average client has 3 hours cleaning per week
  • On average your client pays their cleaner £10 per hour and pays you £3 per hour
  • Your cleaner is paid directly by the client - not via you...
  • You are paid quarterly, in advance, by Direct Debit so 3 hours per week for 13 weeks is 39 hours at £3 per hour is £117 per Quarter per Client
  • When you come on board as a Time For You franchisee HQ will pay for your initial Google Ads and for ads in a magazine and give you 25,000 leaflets which you'll need to arrange to drop in you target areas. This gives you 3-months of marketing for free to get you going.

These figures are provided for illustration purposes only. They are not a promise or guarantee of earnings. This model is intended to express our opinion of earning potential but many factors will influence your actual results. No guarantees or warranties are made that you will achieve these results or results similar to anybody else.



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