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How Much Does A Cleaning Franchise Cost?

Some of the best decisions we ever make in life can also be the scariest, which is why it’s so important to have all the facts before you decide. If you’ve been tossing around the idea of buying a cleaning franchise, you probably have a lot of questions – the biggest of which is likely, “How much does a cleaning franchise cost?”. Let’s go ahead and answer that question, and also take some time to look at exactly how a domestic cleaning franchise could set you free from your humdrum day-to-day routine.

Cleaning Franchise Cost In Hard Numbers

Let’s begin with the brass tacks: how much a cleaning franchise costs. The upfront cost of a cleaning franchise is £14,750 (plus VAT) with a flat monthly fee of £300 thereafter. At first blush, this may seem like a big number, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, this price includes a proven business model which has been time-tested by the Time For You family over many years. Next, you’ll be given all the support you need for marketing your franchise. In fact, we’re so confident in the franchise model that you’re guaranteed a return on your investment, or you’ll get your money back. How’s that for confidence?

Unlock True Freedom & Security With A Cleaning Franchise

You may still be understandably apprehensive about buying a cleaning franchise, so let’s dig into the detail a bit more. No matter what job you’re doing today, it’s almost certain that you’re giving it your absolute all for very little reward or recognition. You go in every day, work yourself to the bone, then go home knowing you’ve lined someone else’s pockets – sound familiar? With a cleaning franchise, you can say goodbye to dreary days like these. Even better, the franchise model means that you can benefit from being your own boss even if you hate cleaning. That’s right: the cloud-based Time For You system means you can run your cleaning business from the comfort of home – from your smartphone or tablet if you fancy! And not a scrubbing brush in sight.

Can You Sell Your Job?

No matter how much you love your job, it’ll always be limited in terms of growth. You could work your socks off for years and still be sent off with a bunch of flowers and a smile. But with a cleaning franchise, you’re building an investment in yourself which can really pay off when you sell it. Indeed, a well-developed cleaning franchise is a genuine asset, and it’s one that others will be happy to pay good money for. So, whether you want to enjoy the financial freedom of £60k-£80k per year, or have the opportunity to sell your franchise and use the money to live your dreams, it’s all possible with a Time For You domestic cleaning franchise. For more information on the cost of a cleaning franchise, contact us on info@timeforyou.co.uk or request a free information pack.

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