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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Owning A Franchise

In the modern business world, more and more people are beginning to work for themselves. Running your own business can be a very tempting idea for the many benefits it offers – especially if you are currently stuck in a job you hate or fancy a career change. One of the most popular ways to go about this is buying your own franchise to run.

If you’re thinking of heading down this route yourself, it is important to know the pros and cons of owning a franchise first. This will ensure that you go into it with the knowledge needed to make it a success.

Advantages Of Owning Your Own Franchise

The great news is that the positives do outweigh the negatives. If you’re thinking ‘I want to buy a franchise’, here are some of the specific benefits to working in this way.

Simple to start and run – A franchise comes all set-up and ready to go. All you have to do is follow the instructions given at the beginning and you will be on your way.

Training – Owning your own franchise gives you access to expert training. As the parent company will have standard training courses available for you or your staff to attend, you won’t need to source training classes yourself.

Great support network – One really big advantage of being a franchise owner is the support and help you will get. Rather than having to work things out on your own, there will be a support team on hand from the parent company to assist you.

Disadvantages Of Owning A Franchise

Of course, as with everything in life, it is not all positive when you own a franchise. While there are some negatives, you will usually find these are outweighed by the advantages shown above.

Cost – there is no getting away from the fact that you will need to invest some money at first to buy the franchise. However, this initial fee is a small price to pay for the future pay-out you’ll be able to look forward to!

Reduced control – although working as a franchise owner is much more flexible and sees you become your own boss, you will not have total freedom in all areas. This is because the parent company will have rules you need to adhere to and ways of working that you must follow. Those who want working independence but still want some kind of set culture or structure to help them stay on track may not see this as a downside, however. You have control at Time For You – when you become a franchise owner, you’ll never do any of the actual cleaning!

Time For You Cleaning Franchises

Many franchises don’t let you anywhere near their franchise owners – what are they hiding?! At Time For You, we will put you in touch with any of our franchise owners so you can hear the truth about working with the best cleaning franchise in the country! If you want to become a franchise owner somewhere that you are truly valued, then get in touch with us today. The franchise model Time For You not only gives you all the tools needed to be successful but also all the support needed as well. If you’re looking to achieve more flexibility in your career by working from home as well as earning an excellent income, contact us on info@timeforyou.co.uk for more advice on buying a franchise.

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