Would You Like More Quality Time With Your Partner? Buying A Franchise Is The Secret!


Would You Like More Quality Time With Your Partner - Buying A Franchise Is The Secret!

One of the biggest obstacles to couples spending quality time together is work. Even though you live together, you see very little of each other because you work opposite shifts, and as a result you find yourselves missing one another and wishing you could do more. Even worse, with these long hours and tough jobs, when you are at home together you are both tired and stressed, unable to make the most of your precious time in each other’s company. It might help a bit to get jobs where you both work the same hours, but if you really want to spend lots of quality time together, nothing beats investing in a cleaning franchise and setting up your own business.
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Reality Check

Of course, this is a big life decision, so you need to be prepared to work hard together to lay down the groundwork. Saying goodbye to both your careers will be tough but you could start on a part time basis. You will need to support each other during the transition but the vision of working together and being your own bosses should be very comforting. You can benefit from the unique skills you each bring to the table and the different perspectives that you both have. And the emotional support will be a tremendous boon as you push through the challenges of owning and running a cleaning business. But, as the bosses, you never have to do any of the cleaning yourself, so it’s your level of commitment that eventually gets you to where you want to be.

Life-Changing Benefits

The advantages in the long term are innumerable. With the support of the franchise package, you will have powerful tools at your disposal to get established. And by working together, you and your partner will spend plenty of quality time together and share experiences that you had never envisioned before. And being your own boss offers an unparalleled level of flexibility to give you incredible freedom and independence. The income is great once you are established, and you can work around your life and take holidays whenever you please. Perfect for if/when you bring kids into the equation!

The Bottom Line

Your relationship is what’s most important in life, and if your work-life balance is tipped too heavily in favour of work, it’s time to make a change. Buy a franchise, be your own boss and save your relationship from slipping into apathy and distance. You only get one shot at life, and you don’t want to lose precious time with the people you love most.

To reap the benefits of becoming a franchise owner today, have a chat with Time For You! Drop us a line at ruth.rayner@timeforyou.co.uk and we’ll get you on the path to being your own boss in next to no time!

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