Say Goodbye To Your 9-5: Work Less & Earn More!


Say Goodbye To Your 9-5 - Work Less & Earn More

Are You Tired Of The 9-5? Done With Dreary Commuting? Tired Of Being Bossed Around?

Do you go through the same tedious routine, day after day, for very little reward? Do you spend hours in traffic, getting home too tired to do anything but watch TV? Are you always desperate for the weekend, only to find that you’re too stressed to enjoy it?

If all of this sounds familiar, isn’t it time to break free?

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Be Your Own Boss!

It’s the dream, isn’t it? We all want to be in control of our own lives, but so few of us make it happen.

Your boss made it happen. He wanted to be in charge, standing at the top of the hill whilst everyone else did the work, and now you’re somewhere on the hillside just wishing that you could be like him.

Now is the time to make a change, with a Time For You cleaning  franchise.

You can work when it’s convenient. You set your own hours. No more sitting in endless motorway tailbacks. And with Time For You, as a franchise owner, you never do any of the cleaning – ever! You’re the manager, working from home at the hours that you choose, taking control and earning the money that you deserve.

Annual Average Earnings Of £65k?

Time For You cleaning franchise owners earn on average £65,000 annually. Think of that lifestyle! In fact, you can claim your money back if you don’t earn a profit of £30,000 within your first 18 months.

No more minimum wage. No more long hours for very little pay, whilst your manager goes to the golf course and relaxes with his friends at the weekend. This time, it’s your turn. It’s Time For You.

Can You Run Your Own Franchise? Have You Got What It Takes?

If you’re considering being a franchise owner, then you’ve already got the drive and passion that’s needed to be a success. You could soon be enjoying more time and more money with Time For You.

Unlike many other franchises, we don’t leave you to take a leap of faith. In fact, before you commit you’re welcome to talk to any of our other franchise owners. They’ll give you honest opinions about running a Time For You franchise.

You have nothing to lose, and so much freedom to gain. You could be your own boss this time next year, enjoying all of the benefits of being a franchise owner. It’s your time to shine. Call today to talk about your own cleaning franchise.

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