High-Profile Franchiser Joins The ‘Time For You’ Family


andy pitt

Time For You is delighted to receive the endorsement of one of the franchise world’s most successful businessmen.

Andy Pitt, a former British Franchise Association board director, has become one of our latest franchisees. Andy’s wealth of experience includes more than 20 years working for McDonald’s, so his decision to join Time For You will be an affirmation for our 221-plus franchisees that our business model really works.

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Why Is ‘Time For You’ So Different From Other Franchise Businesses?

Like Andy, many people are drawn to Time For You because of the excellent work/life balance it offers. If you’re struggling with the commute of your current job, or want a job that fits around the school run, then Time for You is the perfect solution – not only are you in control of the hours that you work, but all the work can be done from the comfort of your own home.

It’s Possible To Own A Cleaning Franchise, Even If You Hate Cleaning

By glancing at Andy Pitt’s CV, you’d probably be surprised to learn that his latest venture was a cleaning business. Why would a man with so much experience choose to turn his hand to domestic duties? What many people don’t realise is that, as a Time for You franchise owner, your main role is to grow the business by finding new customers and managing schedules. So as long as you are determined, there’s no reason why you won’t succeed. Crucially, as a franchise owner, you never do any cleaning – EVER!

An Investment That’s Worth Making

Although Andy has plenty of experience in setting up franchises, those who are new to franchising often have second thoughts when it comes to handing over the initial investment. After all, it’s a big decision to quit your job that gives financial security and invest your savings in a new project. What’s reassuring is that Time For You offers a 100% money back guarantee, so if the business is not right for you, you won’t be out of pocket. But, chances are, you’ll have the same success as most other Time for You franchise owners, who bring home between £60,000 and £180,000 a year each – all whilst averaging only 16 hours per week!

When you look at all the key features of a Time For You franchise, it’s obvious that Andy’s decision to sign up was quite straightforward. Who wouldn’t want a career where you work less and earn more? So be like Andy – get in touch with us today and start your journey to a better work/life balance.


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