Saving For Care Fees Later In Life


Saving For Care Fees Later In Life


Social care has become a real hot political topic of late which many people are concerned about. This is because old age is something that comes to us all and this could mean expensive care fees being an issue for many. With only 10% of over 45’s having any plans in place to cover care fees, it is certainly an area which many of us should think about more closely.

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What happens if you need care when older, but your family cannot pay for it? To make sure you never even have to cross that bridge, it is much better to take steps now to save for any relevant fees in later life. But how can you do that?

Invest In Your Own Successful Franchise

The issue many have is that they do not have enough spare cash left from their wages every month to cover fully funded care home fees. This is a big problem and explains why a lot of people do not save for later life. One way to solve this problem is by carving out a new career which does provide spare money to save each month. One of the best options to consider is investing in your own franchise.

At Time For You, our UK domestic cleaning franchise owners can earn on average £65,000 per year and some even make more than that! This top salary allows you to save for luxury holidays, a new car, and yes, vital future investments such as care home fee. Putting enough money aside for care fees will also save your family having to pay for them and give you the peace of mind you need for later down the road.

What Happens When It Is Time To Stop Working?

We all stop working eventually, whether through boredom, redundancy, or older age simply starting to catch up with us. Franchising is a good option as it gives you total flexibility when this happens. You could choose to sell your franchise and have more money to cover current or future fees. On the other hand, you may pass the franchise onto someone in your family to keep running. The franchise could then continue to generate self-funding care home fees whilst also supporting your family.

Time For You Franchises – Protect Your Future

Time For You’s UK cleaning franchises are perfect to protect your future with and begin saving for any care home fees. In addition, they offer a way to escape the 9-5 rat race and be your own boss. Our franchises also come with a proven business model to follow and all the support you could need. The best part is that you do not have to do any cleaning as you will hire staff to do it. Browse our site and find out which UK cleaning franchises are available to invest in today.

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