Franchisor Vs Franchisee: What Are My Responsibilities When Investing In A Franchise?


Franchisor Vs Franchisee Time For You

Do you wish you had more control over your everyday life and the opportunity to increase your income? Opening a franchise, such as Time For You, may be the right decision for you.

When considering opening a franchise, however, many are unsure about the different responsibilities of a franchisee (in other words, the regional owner of a franchise’s branch) compared to a franchisor. We explore this and more in the guide below.

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Franchisor & Franchisee – What’s The Difference?

A franchisor is the person who has created the franchise from the roots up – they have designed it, named it, and grown it into the regional success that it is today.

A franchisee is the person who buys a specific region’s designated franchise and runs it on behalf of the original franchisor.

Franchisor vs. Franchisee: Who Is Responsible For Making The Franchise A Success?

It is the responsibility of both the franchisor and the franchisee to make a franchise a success. Both parties must complete their duties and support each other, to ensure the franchise is successful.

Below we outline some of the franchise responsibilities for franchisees and franchisors…


It is the responsibility of the franchisor to effectively train the franchisee (or “franchise owner”) on how the franchise system works and give them tips and guidance for running their own franchise.

Listening to and understanding the franchisee is one of the franchiser’s roles and responsibilities. The franchiser must attend training and implement what they have learnt.


It is both the responsibility of the franchisee and the franchisor to effectively communicate with one another. For example, a franchisee must let the franchisor know if they need further help or guidance, and the franchisor must listen to this request and act on it.

The franchisor must also ensure the franchisee has their contact information and responds to calls and emails on a daily basis.


It is the responsibility of the franchisor to explain the rules and regulations of owning the franchise; for example, what areas the franchisee can market their business in and what areas are already claimed by another franchisee or franchise owner.

One of the franchisee’s responsibilities is to follow the rules and regulations outlined by the franchisor. For example, they must uphold brand standards at all times.

What Happens If These Responsibilities Are Ignored?

Both a franchisor and a franchisee can expect a franchise to struggle if they ignore or don’t consider the above responsibilities. The franchisee and franchisor must work in harmony and support one another if they want a franchise to be successful.

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