5 Requirements When Buying A Cleaning Franchise


X Requirements When Buying a Cleaning Franchise

Work should be something that you enjoy doing and allows you to get the perfect balance with family life. Unfortunately for many people in the UK, this is not always the case. Many of us are forced to work in tedious jobs with long hours simply to pay the bills.

But what if there was a viable alternative that would see you working in a managerial capacity, rather than doing the actual graft? Owning your own cleaning franchise is the best way to forge a career where you set the rules. Being a franchise owner will give you back valuable time to spend with family and friends, for a start.

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It will also give a massive boost to your income as all cleaning work taken on is paid for upfront by your clients! Don’t worry about cleaning anything either – with our franchise model, you never have to! Being a franchise owner also allows you to work from home whenever you like – so no more dreaded commute each day!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before buying your franchise…

Your Territory Must Be Available

One basic requirement of becoming a Time For You franchise owner is that the territory you choose must be available as only one per territory is allowed.

Start-Up Fee

Running your own cleaning franchise can net you an annual income of an average of over £65,000! However, this opportunity does require some investment on your part first. The start-up fee at Time For You is currently £14,750 + VAT which you will initially need to invest in your franchise.

Reliable Transport Needed

Although you will not be heading out to handle specific cleaning jobs, you should still have a reliable mode of transport. This will enable you to visit potential clients when marketing your franchise.

Motivation & Commitment

When you invest in your franchise initially, we give you lots of support to get started. However, without putting in the required effort yourself, it may not work out as planned. To make your franchise a success, it is vital to have high levels of motivation and commitment.

Support From Family

We all need people to support us when embarking on a new venture and owning a cleaning franchise is no different. Having someone to call on will help greatly when you need to talk to or reassurance about your new business.

Get Your Cleaning Franchise Today

If you long to quit your boring job for something more exciting, get in touch with Time For You today. We still have a number of franchises areas available across the UK that make the perfect investment for your future. With no cleaning involved, becoming a cleaning franchise owner is the ideal way to get your work/life balance exactly how you want it.

Time For You offers tons of benefits and all the free time in the world! If you’d like to talk to one of our existing franchise owners and hear all the details about what being a franchise owner is like, email ruth@rayner@timeforyou.co.uk today to get started!

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