If I Invest In A Cleaning Franchise, Is It Guaranteed To Work?


If I Invest In A Cleaning Franchise, Is It Guaranteed To Work

For all adults in the UK, work is a fact of life. Not only does it give you money to pay the bills and care for your family, but it also helps to afford treats like holidays. For too many people working in the UK, though, what they do to make money is a tedious grind. You may even recognise this yourself in your own job!

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From the frustration of the daily commute to the dull nature of doing something you have no passion for, work can be less than enjoyable. When you also add in annoying bosses, long hours and living payday to payday, it can be no joke. The good news is that you can change all this by buying your own cleaning company franchise.

If I Do, Will It Definitely Work?

Buying a cleaning franchise is the perfect way to turn your working life from alright to AMAZING! Not only do you become your own boss, but you can work whenever and however you like. This leaves more time for family and leaves you much less stressed. When you also factor in the fantastic income it provides, buying a Time For You cleaning franchise becomes a no-brainer!

However, one thing that many people worry about is whether there are any guarantees over it working. As it will cost some money to buy your franchise, this is a sensible question. The truth is that, in most cases, a cleaning company franchise is not guaranteed to work. However, with Time For You, it is! We offer a written guarantee that if you don’t achieve £30,000 in profit after 18 months, you can claim all your money back.

Not only that but you are given a proven business model when you join that will help you succeed. On top of this, there is first-class training available to all franchise owners to help them progress. With Time For You cleaning franchises, you really do have nothing to lose.

Hard Work Is Also A Key Ingredient

Of course, it is also important to note that any success will be down to what you put into your franchise. To really make it work in the long term, you need to be prepared to put in the effort to build your franchise up. Don’t think that this means you will be having to do lots of cleaning yourself or work long hours, though! Our model means you simply make money from running the cleaning franchise, without having to work long days or clean yourself. EVER!

Get In Touch With Time For You Today

If you long to ditch your current job for something more rewarding and flexible, then get in touch with us today. We still have many franchise locations available across the UK and all present a great opportunity to start a new career.

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