How To Secure Your Children’s Future With A Family Friendly Career


How To Secure Your Children’s Future With A Family Friendly Career


Happy children generally grow up to live successful lives. A large part of this happiness comes from having time with their parents and getting the emotional support they require. When you work for other people though, you may have to put in long hours that make this impossible. Of course, securing your child’s future also brings a financial burden, with the need to fund their education and give them all they need to thrive.

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So, what are the best family friendly careers you could try which offer all this?

Invest In A Successful Franchise

The key to really securing your children’s future lies in working for yourself. This means you can still earn the money you need whilst also having time to support them emotionally. Investing in a franchise gives a simple way to do just that.

When you do this, you are not trying to build a new brand from the ground up or work out how to make money yourself. Franchises come with proven business models to follow, lots of central support and all the training you need to succeed. When you factor in the huge earning potential too, they really do offer what parents need to secure their children’s future. At Time For You, for example, our franchise owners can earn an average of £65,000 a year while working fewer hours than ever! If you are wondering how to support your family financially whilst also getting to spend more time with them, franchising is a great option.

What Specific Advantages Can A Time For You Franchise Offer?

Investing in a Time For You cleaning franchise will give you a stable income. The domestic cleaning sector will always be in demand and this is even more true at present, with people putting greater emphasis on hygiene standards. All this is a real bonus for looking after your family’s future.

The high earning potential which investing in a Time For You cleaning franchise could bring is also a plus for parents thinking of how to secure your child’s future. Not only does it give money to live on and treat them with, but it can also deliver extra to save. This extra money can build up over time and give you more to invest in their education, fun days out, or other treats here and there. Of course, by working fewer hours as a franchise owner, you won’t need to pay for expensive child care either!

Invest In A Time For You Franchise Today

In simple terms, investing in the right franchise should see you work fewer hours and earn a decent amount of money per year. This means you can spend more time with your kids whilst also earning enough to give them the best start possible.

With a Time For You cleaning franchise, you work the hours which suit you and do not have to do any cleaning yourself. With the chance to earn up to £65,000 per year, investing in one of our UK cleaning franchises is one of the best family friendly jobs for dads and top family friendly careers for mothers too.

Do you really want to end up chained to that laptop 9-5? You may be home working for now – and that’s if you’re lucky! – but your time still belongs to your boss as long as you’re working for them.

Become your own boss and secure your children the future they deserve today – get in touch with Time For You to find out more.

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