How I Stopped Going To Work In Wet Shoes


How I Stopped Going To Work In Wet Shoes

As the cold, wet, dark and windy winter mornings roll around for another year, I’m reminded of a time in my life that is now a distant memory. However, the early morning rain against my window recalls a misery I’d sooner forget.

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At the time I was, like many other adults in the UK, working a retail job on one of the earlier reincarnations of the dreaded zero-hours contract. I had no guarantee of how many shifts I would pick up from week-to-week, which meant I had to be extra careful with how I budgeted my money. During particularly lean weeks or months, I’d be forced to choose between heating my one-bedroom flat or cooking a real meal in the evening (there’s only so many cans of baked beans you can manage in a week!).

Desperate Times

I couldn’t afford to drive and could barely afford public transport. During the week running up to payday – when money was at its tightest – I’d often have to walk a mile-and-a-half along frosty footpaths in the downpours of rain, sleet and hail. Worst of all? I didn’t even have a second pair of work shoes to change into, which meant that on rainy days I would spend the entirety of my shift drenched, shivering and feeling downright miserable.

My boss didn’t care – the only language they understood was making money, which is why they were so eager to cut my shifts or send me home early during quieter periods, which meant my pay packet took something of a cut too.

As I lay here listening to the sound of the rain against the window, with the central heating turned up comfortably, I think back to those days with a mixture of anger and frustration – anger at my situation, and frustration that I didn’t do something about it much sooner.

Become Your Own Boss

As I learned, the only thing preventing you from seizing the opportunity and becoming your own boss is self-doubt. With Time For You, it’s possible to set up your own cleaning franchise – WITHOUT having to do any cleaning yourself – and soon see the money begin to roll in.

Time For You even guarantees a refund if you fail to meet your first annual projected targets, and as part of your induction you’ll get to speak to real franchise owners and learn how becoming your own boss can set you on the path to financial freedom.

If you’re tired of working in wet shoes, like I was, perhaps it’s time to make a change and time to make “Time For You”.

Image source: Unsplash

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