No Pension, No Problem! Here’s What To Do If You Have No Pension Fund


No Pension No Problem! Here’s What To Do If You Have No Pension Fund


What happened to the good old days where you had a nice, comfy pension to fall back on? The truth is, that level of luck is getting harder and harder to find in this country. With house prices skyrocketing over the last few decades, not to mention transport costs going up, and even a day out to the cinema costing three times what it used to, it’s not been easy for anyone to save up for a nice holiday, let alone years of retirement.

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Having a pension to fall back on when we retire is what we’ve always heard about…but it’s not as easy as it sounds for a lot of people! Many ordinary working folk just don’t have the spare cash floating around.

If retirement is on the horizon for you and you’ve got no pension, we understand you’d be stressed – it’s not like you’re in a position to just take a second job! And why should you? You’ve worked hard all your life and now it’s time to take some time for you – with Time For You, our UK-wide cleaning franchise that puts you back in control.

What Is Franchising And How Can It Help?

Franchising simply involves investing in your own business which is a franchise of a larger, well-known one. When it comes to jobs to do after you retire, franchising has many benefits and yes, finally getting to put your feet up is definitely one of them!

As long as you have the money to invest, you can start right away… and let the cash start pouring in! A successful franchise owner at Time For You can earn on average £65,000 per annum… that’s a nice retirement income!

Enjoy Your Retirement And Save Some Extra

Don’t worry, investing in the right franchise doesn’t mean long hours – quite the opposite! It’s actually one of the best jobs if you’re retired, as you’ll be in charge and have no one to answer to but yourself. With the cleaning franchises Time For You offer, you work an average of 16 hours per week. You won’t need to worry about doing any cleaning either as you hire staff to handle all that!

So in short, running a Time For You franchise from the comfort of your own home can make retirement very comfortable. If you’d like to get started earlier you can, too, and get a head start on earning so that by the time you’re ready to finish working your current career, you already have a safety net and some savings in place.

Choose A Time for You Franchise Today

When we say this is a low-stress way to earn money when retired, we mean it! When you invest in a Time for You cleaning franchise, you will get all the support you need and a proven business model to follow. You do not need any previous qualifications or experience in the sector to get going either. This means there are no barriers to entry for retired people whatsoever. Visit our website today to see which UK cleaning franchise opportunities we currently have available.

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