“Today I cleaned 17 homes yet never left our house!”

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The domestic cleaning franchise where you don’t do any cleaning.

We are looking for a suitable franchisee in Hawthorne now. This is a sales and management franchise and you DON’T DO ANY CLEANING!

Here are 7  reasons why YOU should consider investing in a Time For You franchise in Hawthorne.

  1. No cleaning done by you, ever, as this is a Sales & Management Franchise.
  2. Work from home, means no more commuting.
  3. No staff worries, so you keep all your profits.
  4. No stock to carry, means no dead money.
  5. Clients pay you in advance, so no cash flow concerns.
  6. Simple to run business. For an easier life/work balance.
  7. Massive potential earnings, so now it’s up to you to determine your future income.

If you are looking for a flexible, work from home and profitable franchise, where you get full training, support and more. Then a Time for You Cleaning Franchise opportunity in Hawthorn might be what you are looking for!

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A Time for You Management Franchise makes a lots of sense as it is a flexible franchise that allows you to organise your life around the business.

What Is The Time For You Franchise Business Model?

The flexible management franchise.

The Time For You franchise system is based on a model where YOU , the franchisee doesn’t do any cleaning! You don’t have staff to worry about and there’s no stock to hold either. Franchisees are responsible for marketing their services to clients and then matching  them to a cleaner who meets their requirements.

You can even start Part-Time around other commitments

Work From Home

You choose your hours of work and you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself.

Work/Life Balance

No working crazy hours, but of course you do have to work. Otherwise it would be too good to be true!

Earn What You Are Worth

Time For You Franchisees make big money, some have clocked up a value of 150k a year earnings.

Running A Time For You Franchise in Hawthorn, Melbourne

Why choose Time For You?

The management franchise system is the longest established in the UK and is easily the most successful with 100+ franchise business owners across the UK and Ireland cleaning the houses of over 20,000 clients each and every week, 52 weeks of the year. That’s 1 million cleans annually. Flexibility is the key to a Time For You franchise and is the number one reason to chose Time For You.

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Why Hawthorn?

The Hawthorn is one of the most prized areas in the Melbourne area. It’s full of your target market, busy people who need a cleaner. With a Time For You Franchise in Hawthorn, Melbourne you get a generous marketing territory, all the training you need, access to our bespoke software and systems plus ongoing support to help you grow.

You can even run the franchise in Hawthorn part time!

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Successful Business Model

Established in the UK in 1998 Time For You is the number one cleaning and management franchise.

1st Class Training Programme

Training and ongoing support is provided in person and online and whenever you need it.

Cutting Edge Technology

Custom built systems and a market leading website makes sure your business is efficient and profitable.

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Your “Time For You” franchise investment is only $39,000 plus GST

If you’re looking for a solid reliable franchise in Hawthorn that really does work, it WILL pay to look at Time For You. And what’s more you’ll be amazed at the low start-up costs, enabling you to get a business up and running quickly and profitably.

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Company Info

Time For You Domestic Cleaning Pty Ltd
Level 17
31 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria

Registered ACN – 603 911 520

About Time For You

Time For You Business Owners provide properly screened and vetted self-employed, part-time casual domestic cleaners to private households in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Time For You Australia is rapidly expanding and you can be part of it.