“Today I cleaned 17 homes yet never left my house!

and in addition, I am on my way to building the residual income of my dreams GUARANTEED!”

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“Today I cleaned 17 homes yet never left our house!”

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Imagine owning your own domestic cleaning franchise, where you can earn a fantastic income and NEVER doing any cleaning yourself.

You can work from home at times that suit you, your children and your lifestyle and your other commitments.

AT LAST! A real business that is proven to work and that you can really be proud to say you own.

Time For You – an outstanding Franchise opportunity! The Time For You business provides domestic cleaning to people who need a bit of extra help around the house but our franchisees never clean anything EVER!

Here are 9 crucial reasons why franchise owners should invest in a Time For You Franchise;

  1. Clients are magnetically attracted to you, therefore ‘NO SELLING’!
  2. No Experience Needed – Full training and support provided!
  3. No Cleaning Done By You EVER!
  4. Clients Pay In Advance, as a result there are no cash flow worries!
  5. Work From Home, means no more commuting!
  6. Simple to run business. For an easier work/life balance!
  7. No Staff, means you keep the profits!
  8. Massive potential earnings, therefore you can determine your future income!
  9. You will get results for your efforts.

A Time for You Management Franchise makes a lots of sense as it is a flexible franchise that allows you to organise your life around the business.

See What Our Franchisees Say

You can even run the business part time or start part time and expand the business from there!

Our cleaning franchise system is the longest established in the UK and is easily the most successful with 137+ franchise business owners across the Australia, the UK and Ireland cleaning the houses of over 31,000 clients each and every week, 52 weeks of the year. That’s over 1.6 million cleans annually. In fact we were described by BBC’s Working Lunch programme as the fastest growing franchise in the UK.

Work From Home

You choose your hours of work and you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself.

Work/Life Balance

No working crazy hours, but of course you do have to work. Otherwise it would be too good to be true!

Earn What You Are Worth

Time For You Franchisees make big money, some have clocked up a value of 150k a year earnings.

Why choose Time For You?

Time For You has been trading since 1997 and since then has grown into the largest domestic services franchise in the UK. As a Time For You Franchise owner you therefore benefit from the years of experience. Flexibility is the key to a Time For You franchise and is the number one reason to chose Time For You.

What does the day to day running of a Time For You Franchise entail?

There are no employees to manage, there is no stock to order and most of all most admin is streamlined and cloud based with the Time For You Franchise software that is provided to all business owners. Client meetings and appointments are done at times that suit you so it can work around your home and family life easily!

Can you really earn a residual income where clients pay you in advance?


Your “Time For You” franchise investment is only $30,000 plus GST


For a relatively small investment, you will receive the training to enable you to earn money immediately, your own web page on our website which “magnetically” attracts clients to you, cloud-based administration software to ensure you can run your business easily and from anywhere.

You will get returns for your effort.

If you’re looking for a solid reliable and guaranteed franchise for sale that really does work, it WILL pay to look at Time For You. And what’s more you’ll be amazed at the low start-up costs, enabling you to get a business up and running quickly and profitably.

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If you’re looking for a solid reliable franchise that really does work, it WILL pay to look at Time For You. And what’s more you’ll be amazed at the low start-up costs, enabling you to get your new business up and running quickly and profitably.

What territories are available?
Large exclusive territories are available immediately all across Australia, each territory is designed to allow you start build up your business to a level that you are happy with.


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Company Info

Time For You Domestic Cleaning Pty Ltd
Unit 22, 196 Settlement Road, Thomastown
VIC 3074

Registered ACN – 603 911 520

About Time For You

Time For You Business Owners provide properly screened and vetted self-employed, part-time casual domestic cleaners to private households in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Time For You Australia is rapidly expanding and you can be part of it.