Happy Stories: Balancing Act – Dominique and Oliver


Happy Stories Balancing Act

During recent months, with the global pandemic, we’ve found ourselves in a situation that we never thought would be possible. As lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting, however, many people are releasing that they don’t want to go back to ‘how it was before’ and actually want a healthier work-life balance. It’s something that so many of us strive to achieve and it can become a reality – with the right business.

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We’ve put together a series of blogs, in which we’ve spoken to a selection of people who have bought a Time For You (TFY) franchise, and are delighted to share their happy stories.

We spoke to Dominique Bailhache who co-owns the Time For You East Devon franchise, with her husband Oliver.

What Did You Do Before Buying Your Time For You Franchise?

I had my own business working as a personal assistant for various business owners. It was very varied work and I developed a diverse range of skills within the business that I feel has stood me in good stead.

Was There A Reason Why You Bought The Franchise? What Led You To Make The Change?

Through my PA business, I worked for another TFY franchisee, helping him run his business. I saw how flexible his work-life balance was. We were on the verge considering starting a family, so this aspect was very appealing.

Was It A Difficult Decision To Make? For Example, Did You Have Worries And Concerns? If So, How Were These Put To Rest?

It was actually a lightbulb moment! The other TFY franchisee suggested we buy East Devon TFY. As it dawned on me we could make this happen, I called my husband and over the phone within a couple of minutes, we made the decision.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Being A Time For You Franchisee?

Working the hours that suit our lifestyle – it can be hectic with two children, but generally, we can work when we want to. The money: it is a very profitable business that has grown pretty quickly.

This is very motivational and satisfying and really feels we are achieving something. It is very interesting meeting so many different people from different walks of life – between the cleaners and the clients – and also seeing such a range of properties, as this is something my husband is passionate about.

What’s Surprised You The Most About Your Time For You Journey?

What has come from it: the happiness we get from our work, the noticeable difference we see from having some disposable income and the different opportunities that have arisen from it.

If You Were To Recommend A Friend To Become A Time For You Franchisee, What Would You Say?

It will change your life – career-wise and personally!

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