How To Quit Your Job & Design Your Dream Lifestyle


IntroductionStarting your own business – what are the options?
Are you trapped by a false sense of security?Creating your own business from scratch
CommutingJoining multilevel marketing
Fixed incomeThe solution? Joining a franchise
Inflexible time/hoursWhy start a Time For You business?
Dealing with the bossWork from home
No actual securityProven over 23 years to be a winning system
 No royalties to pay
 No cleaning done by you, EVER!


Tired Of The Daily Grind?

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You might believe you’re destined to spend the rest of your working life as just another employee, but there is an alternative which offers great benefits, and in this e-book, we will explain all.

If you’re sick of making your boss rich while you’re left counting the pennies at the end of every month, if you’re tired of having no time to yourself, and if you’ve had more than enough of that endless commute, we’ve got the answer.

Let’s get started…

Are You Trapped By A False Sense Of Security?


How many hours each week are lost behind the wheel, on a bus or on a train? How much stress does this commute add to a day where you already have to deal with your boss, co-workers, and pointless deadlines? If you are spending between one and two hours each day just getting to and back from work, just think about all the time you’re wasting

Fixed income

If you are hit with unexpected bills, what to do? You have to cut back until next payday, rack up some debts, or sacrifice your savings and holidays. A fixed income is a death sentence for sudden expenses, and having a set salary can actually leave you feeling demotivated because whether you leave on time, or stay in the office until midnight, you’ll always be paid the same amount.

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Inflexible time/hours

If you can’t change your hours when needed, you can’t easily be at home for a new sofa delivery, spontaneous Christmas drinks, your kids’ sports day or a short city break. Where can you even find the time to cook a healthy meal? And then there’s your social life! While all your friends are freelancing, working from home, or on flexi-time, you’re missing out on the opportunities that their freedom provides them, all because of your job and their rules.

Dealing with the boss

When people leave a job, one of the biggest reasons given is their awful boss or rubbish management! Working for someone you don’t like is miserable – especially if you have to deal with them every single day. That’s why we’d encourage you to get out – and there IS a way out!

No actual security

There is no such thing as a job for life anymore! Skeleton crews are becoming more and more common and companies will make redundancies or layoffs anytime they feel like it, and this can affect anyone. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your job is yours. It’s only yours for as long as they’re sure they need you!

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Starting Your Own Business – What Are The Options?

You might have guessed it already, but the number one solution to the problems outlined above is to start your own business. You might think this means going it alone, but as we will discover below, there is plenty of help available to you.

So what choices do you have when it comes to beginning your own business venture? First, let’s look at some options which probably won’t do you much good:

Creating your own business from scratch

Did you know that 80% of start-ups fail within the first five years? Shocking, said no one. One key problem is that there is so much to learn about a new industry or sector, and for many startup owners, training is done quickly while juggling numerous other things at the same time. If you don’t have the right experience, how will you handle market volatility and unexpected overheads?

Joining multilevel marketing

This is fine if you already have a high-level job, but most people that get involved fail. Whether you know it as network marketing or pyramid selling, living on money from commissions can only take you so far, especially in a competitive market. Do you really want your bank balance to reflect how lucky you were this month?

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The solution? Joining a franchise

A franchise gives you the best of both worlds. An existing franchise can offer you a successful model to follow – you won’t have to figure everything out by yourself, and you can design your lifestyle around the franchise that you buy. Running a franchise isn’t for everyone, and can depend on your readiness to become a franchise owner, but for many, it can be the key to unlocking the door to a successful business and fulfilling life.

If you want to see what a successful franchise model looks like, take a look at what “Time For You” does for our franchise owners. With well over 217 franchise owners so far, Time For You’s domestic cleaning business shows how you can run a profitable business while giving yourself more time to spend with family and friends – without you cleaning anything, EVER!

At Time For You, our cleaning franchise will unlock the door to your dream lifestyle. You’ll hire your own self-employed cleaners, set your own working hours, and never have to deal with a boss or commute ever again.There are loads of franchises out there that will tell you what you want to hear – but can they put their money where their mouth is? At Time For You, you can see everything for yourself before you invest…

Why Start A Time For You Business?

Work from home

Say goodbye to hours spent behind the wheel or on the bus and train. With a house cleaning franchise from Time For You, you’ll be able to manage your network of self-employed cleaners from home. You’ll work from your phone, tablet or laptop from the comfort of your sofa (or your bed – we won’t tell anyone!). There is no set time for you to work, so you can juggle things around whenever you need to. Want to start work at 3pm? Be our guest. You’re the one in charge, after all. Fancy a trip to the Bahamas to ward off the winter blues? Go for it. With Time For You, our franchise owners work from anywhere in the world, no questions asked. You really can be in total control of your working week – because it really is yours.


Proven over 23 years to be a winning system

After 20 years, Time For You has branched out into five countries: The UK, The Republic of Ireland, Norway, Australia and New Zealand. One Time For You franchise owner won the Business of the Year Award from HSBC Bank, and we have been lucky enough to be featured on BBC’s Working Lunch as being one of the fastest-growing franchises.

No royalties to pay

With Time For You all you pay is a flat fee, which means that you get to keep much more for yourself. You don’t have to worry about royalties from every job or every contract – we don’t restrict your earnings. The harder you work and the more customers you attract, the more money you can make. Time For You franchise owners can expect to earn on average around £65,000 a year. Once you have paid your flat fee, that’s it – you get to keep the rest and spend it on the people and the things you love the most.

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No cleaning done by you, EVER!

If you had visions of scrubbing kitchen floors on your hands and knees, you got the wrong end of the stick – with Time For You, there is no cleaning involved. Our franchise owners simply manage and market their cleaning professionals. If you understand the principles of customer care, and know how to follow a proven plan, you could soon be enjoying the benefits of working for yourself. Remember that each franchise owner has their own area, so you won’t be competing with any of your fellow franchise owners. And best of all, you’ll never clean anything – ever! So, there you have it. Your own schedule, as much money as you care to make, and best of all, with you in the driver’s seat. It really is a no-brainer. If you want to break free, join Time For You and finally get the life that you deserve. If you’d like to speak to any of our current franchise owners just say the word and we’ll put you in touch. If you are a UK resident, getting on the road to becoming a Time For You franchise owner is easy. Just click here.