4 Common Misconceptions About Franchising (And Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them!)


5 common misconceptions about franchising (and why you shouldn't believe them!)

A lot of people interested in joining a franchise are put off by a number of concerns, all of which stem from misconceptions about franchising. Joining a franchise like Time For You is a great way to take back control of your life and become your own boss, except that you’ll be working with a trusted brand that’s already been established and benefiting from an experienced hand to hold along the way. Here are four mythical common franchise problems that you don’t need to worry about.

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1. You Can Be Too Young Or Too Old To Own A Franchise

Wrong – as long as you’re legally of working age and you’re prepared to put the effort in, there’s no such thing as an age barrier. Franchisees come from all backgrounds, though most commonly we work with people in their 40s and 50s who are fed up of working to make a profit for someone else and keen to set their own working hours.

2. It’s Too Expensive To Start A Franchise

It’s true that you’ll need to have saved a little to invest in starting a franchise, but most franchises offer different packages in order to allow a point of entry for franchisees on a wide range of budgets. It’s also considerably cheaper than starting a new business from scratch, despite offering the same benefits.

3. You Need Previous Experience To Own A Franchise

Even if you’ve no experience running a business, if you’ve got the right personality and skill set you could still be a hugely successful franchisee. In fact, it’s often preferable to train franchisees up from a blank slate.

4. Franchisors Don’t Care About Making Their Franchisees Successful

While franchisors take a small amount of income from start-up fees, the only way a franchise will be successful is if its franchisees are successful, too. A franchisor’s number one priority should always be the success of their franchisees – it’s just good business sense. Building a strong relationship of trust between franchisor and franchisee is also the best way to avoid a host of common franchise disputes.

If you’re interested in starting a franchise with Time For You – the UK’s largest domestic cleaning company – and want to know more about our business and how we operate, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website.

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