Freedom Day Will Come! When Coronavirus Is Over You Should Look At Buying A Cleaning Franchise To Better Your Life


Freedom Day Will Come! When Coronavirus Is Over You Should Look At Buying A Cleaning Franchise To Better Your Life

If you’re out of work at the moment and struggling to pass the time during lockdown, we understand. Quarantine has really opened up all the hours in the day! We never knew we could find so many things to think about, nor how much time we really had to dedicate to those thoughts.

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We’ll get straight to the point – this is the time to plan for the future. Coronavirus is having a massive impact on the world, but you can’t let it stop you in your tracks. If you spend this “downtime” being down, you’ll come out of it no better off than when you went in. It’s important to use this time away from work to put plans in place for when this has passed and we’re getting back to our normal lives.

Whether you’ve been furloughed, laid off, or you were already not working but feeling a bit listless, so many people have been telling us that this lockdown has really given them time to think about what they really want out of life.

At the moment we’re a bit stuck. Everything is shut, we can’t leave the house for no good reason, and we miss our friends and family. You’re probably even missing work.

Or are you? You might miss having something to pass the time with each day, but do you really miss your boss, your commute, and scraping by from payday to payday?

Do you know what we recommend for a life of no regrets?……….TAKING CONTROL!

Yep, that’s right. No more slaving away for someone else, no more counting pennies, and no more long stretches of rain and clouds. We recommend time for YOU (pun very intended!)

The Benefits Of Owning A Franchise

When you purchase a cleaning franchise like Time For You, you’re back in the driver’s seat. You control what time you get up for work, how long you spend working, where you work from (yes, many of our franchise owners work from sunny beaches!), and even who you choose to work with. And you don’t need to have previous experience – you simply need determination to succeed.

Yep, the benefits of franchising are pretty clear: more money, more time, more control. All you need is to get started.

Back To Normal

What is normal, for you? Are you really living your dream life?

The great thing about downtime is how it can give you a brand new perspective. That job you secretly don’t miss at all – maybe you don’t have to go back once this is all over. Maybe, in fact, you don’t have to work for anyone else ever again.

Did you know that most of our Time For You franchise owners take home £65,000 a year? You can wave that in front of your ex-boss’s face! AND they do that with just 16 hours a week!

Get in touch with us or even go right ahead and book an appointment with our Head of Franchising if you’d like to find out more about franchising. And don’t worry, you may be running a cleaning franchise – but you never do any of the cleaning yourself, EVER!

While you mull this over, definitely browse holiday destinations for when flights start up again – as a franchise owner, you’ll never again be forced to spend the colder months under our dreary skies! You’ll have both the money and the freedom to jet off to somewhere hot and sunny for a winter Vitamin D boost.

To freedom!

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