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Who Wants A Well-Paid Income As A Stay At Home Mum?

More women are now choosing to stay at home to care for young children. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t work too!

Millennials are not just simply returning to the family values of the past when they choose to be “stay at home” parents – they are also taking advantage of modern technology that enables flexible and remote working.

However, not all job roles for work-from-home mums are well paid. In fact, brands have cashed in on the sector by launching numerous hit and miss “network marketing” initiatives, selling everything from make-up to coffee with “health benefits”.

So, if you are a stay at home parent, how can you also be a major breadwinner?

Managing Risk In Being Your Own Boss

One of the best ways to make money working from home is to launch your own business in a niche market that promises good returns.

As many stay at home parents want a “ready-made” business model, franchises are the perfect solution. They enable mums to be their own boss, working from a kitchen table or a desk in a bedroom, without any of the risk of delivering an untried new venture.

For example, with a Time for You Domestic Cleaning franchise, you get a trusted brand to promote and a package of support to “hit the ground running”. Your business will also be geared towards filling a genuine need in your local community.

Plus, how nice is it that a stay-at-home mum running a cleaning business could be the one making life easier for many other mums who have to go to their workplace every day?!

Remember that you will be the boss, and so you’ll be employing your own team to clean. With Time For You, you never do any cleaning – ever.

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Flexible Working Jobs For Mums

Another advantage of becoming an entrepreneur via the franchising route is that you will be offering flexible working jobs for mums – and dads – who want to organise their days around their children, too.

That’s because your team of cleaners can have work arrangements to suit their home life commitments. How many women (and potentially men) do you know who would love to be part of your cleaning team, because it gives them an income that can slot around the school run?

As the boss in the business, working from home in a Time for You franchise also gives you a substantial amount of flexibility. Not only can you slot it around being a stay-at-home parent – you can take time out for lunch with your partner, coffee with friends, or a school holiday outing whenever you like.

Managing your cleaning business franchise – and supporting your team of cleaners – does not have to be a nine to five job. You can keep on top of your business obligations at times that suit you!
Would you like to speak to other stay-at-home mums who bought a Time For You franchise and are living the dream? We’ll gladly get you on the phone to our current franchise owners who can tell you all about what they did to start dreaming big and earning even bigger!

For more information on how work-from-home mums can earn a strong, steady income without losing quality of life, contact us on info@timeforyou.co.uk or request a free information pack.

Image source: Pixabay

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