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Run A Business From The Comfort Of Your Own Sofa

Do you dream of a job with flexible hours you could do from your sofa and still earn over £65,000 a year? It sounds like a fantasy but owning your own cleaning business can make that dream a reality.

Today We Cleaned 17 Homes Yet Never Left Our House

This is a daily reality for one couple who own a Time For You franchise cleaning business. So how does this dream job work? When you buy a cleaning franchise from Time for You, you won’t have to do any actual cleaning. Instead, you will find clients and cleaners for them. You’ll manage the business (all from the comfort of your sofa) and earn a healthy income.

How Will Time For You Help Me To Get Started?

When you start your business with Time For You, you’ll get lots of help and advice. You’ll also get some useful extras such as 3 months of Google Adwords, 6 months of virtual office space, stationery, a listing on their website, a 3-month management fee, and access to training. You can work from home using a phone or iPad.

Flexible Hours That Work For You

There are many reasons people have started a cleaning business with Time For You, but they all have one thing in common: they want a better work-life balance and jobs with flexible hours. Having a new baby can make you re-evaluate what is important in your life and a cleaning business will fit around a baby as few other jobs can. Maybe you’re experiencing issues with childcare, or just want to spend more time with your children. Lots of people start their own business to make sure they have the time and the money to be with their children, especially in the school holidays when going away can be so expensive.

Maybe you need more time to look after an older relative, or you want time together as a couple. It could be that you are simply feeling dissatisfied with a demanding and inflexible job or you have been made redundant. No matter the reason, the dream of working from home, flexible hours and a good income is possible.

An Income That Can Grow

Many franchisees earn between £60,000 and £80,000 a year with the top earner bringing in £300,000. Because you’re not doing any of the cleaning yourself, there is no limit to the number of clients you can find. And as you find more and more clients and cleaners, your business will grow. If you’re looking for online work from home, get in touch with us today.

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