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It’s Time To Ditch Your Boss For More Flexible Hours

Tired of being the underdog? Bored of doing all the work and reaping few of the benefits? You’re not alone. With recent research showing that around half of UK workers hate their jobs, it could be time for a change. The reality is that being an employee can be soul-destroying. Your boss goes off for a round of golf or a “business meeting” which seems to consist of little more than coffee with their pals, whilst you’re chained to your desktop, sending endless emails, dealing with difficult customers and spending far longer at the office than you’re paid for. Surely there must be another way?
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Flexible Working Jobs Are Out There

If you’re sick and tired of working all the hours of the day and getting little reward for it, it’s time to look at jobs with flexible hours. Ideally, this means being your own boss, which is where buying a franchise can be a realistic solution. Unlike starting up a business from scratch, much of the hard work has already been done for you when you purchase a franchise: you buy into the brand, investing in a proven business idea that’s already working. In addition, you reap the benefits of high-calibre advertising (often at a regional or national level), a well-developed presence online and/or on the high street, as well as plenty of advice and support. Sounds too good to be true? It really isn’t.

Achieve A Better Work/Life Balance

Like any other business option, buying into a franchise requires research, commitment and plain old hard work. Ultimately, though, many franchise owners find that once the business gets going, they – as the boss – have far more freedom to pursue their own schedule. Particularly once the franchise is making enough to employ staff, it’s possible for owners to spend far more time on other projects (or simply enjoying some well-earned R and R), leaving their team to deliver.

What Have You Got To Lose?

Ultimately, if you’re an employee, you’re always going to be at somebody’s beck and call. Becoming a franchise owner is a viable, realistic alternative. Why be the dogsbody when you can be top dog? You can take the first step right now by getting in touch with Time For You to find out more about the various franchise opportunities that are out there. Go on – as the saying goes, “Stick it to the man!”

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