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Cleaning up - Time For You, a family company reaches major milestone

The Time For You Franchise has reached a major milestone after securing its 150th UK franchisee. The milestone comes after a record start to the year, which saw 10 franchisees join Time For You in Q1 alone.

Curiously, Time For You franchisees don’t actually do any cleaning, instead, they access a business model that attracts the cleaners, whilst they focus on running a profitable franchise. 

Meanwhile, the Team at Time For You’s franchise headquarters help to drive demand from the local customer base via marketing and administrative support.

It was set up by husband and wife team Freddie and Ruth Rayner in YEAR and has grown sustainably ever since, with global expansion now on the cards as son Sam Stawarz takes over as managing director.

Sam's comments;
‘"It has been an incredible start to 2022. There are many reasons behind the boom in our franchisees but there is no doubt that more and more business-minded people are exploring new opportunities post-pandemic as they seek to take control of their future.

‘The demand for reliable, professional domestic cleaning is huge. It sounds odd that you can own a cleaning franchise without actually doing any cleaning yourself but we operate a different model and it is very successful. We are already up on last year’s total, have reached 150 franchisees in the UK and are now exploring opportunities in Europe, Canada and Australia."

The idea for the business came when co-founder Freddie Rayner was at one of his lowest points in his professional life.

Freddie explains;
‘I’d run a successful commercial cleaning company for many years but suffered from a series of major contracts failing. I knew I had a good core business, I just needed to tweak the offering. I switched to the consumer market but kept the focus as B2B by selling to franchisees and then helping them sell to the public with a robust system they can “plug and play”.

It has paid off as we now clean over 45,000 homes a week across the UK.

‘On paper we are a cleaning business but we’re actually in the “free time” business when it comes to what we actually deliver for our clients who hire our cleaners through our franchise network. I’m delighted that Sam is stepping up to lead this exciting new era and that we remain a strong, successful and sustainable family business.’