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If You Hate Having Loads Of Money & Free Time, Never Buy A Cleaning Franchise!

There is no doubt that very few people LOVE cleaning or get overly excited about it. After all, how much fun can you have hoovering up dog hair or tidying up after kids in your own home? With this in mind, it is easy to see how some people then make the mistake of dismissing the idea of running a cleaning franchise. Boring, right? NO!

Running your own cleaning franchise is nothing like keeping on top of your own housework and can bring in so much money that you never have to count the pennies again – and you’ll never do any of the actual cleaning yourself.

For proof of how much success doing well in the cleaning sector can bring, you only have to look at Instagram star Mrs Hinch. She has made a lot of money through cleaning tips on this social media platform and has many millions of followers who look to her for advice. By showing that cleaning is not boring, this lifestyle icon completely smashes the idea that running a franchise in this sector would be dull.

But what other reasons are there to show that running a cleaning franchise is worth it?

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You Do Not Actually Do Any Cleaning

Perhaps the biggest thing which puts people off from owning their own cleaning franchise is the thought of cleaning day in, day out, wiping down floors and scrubbing toilets – yuck! This is understandable but guess what – you will never have too! As the franchise owner, you do not do any cleaning personally but instead, run the business side of the operation. Any cleaning is done by dedicated cleaning staff you employ.

Working With People Never Gets Boring

When you buy a Time For You cleaning franchise, you will be based in the domestic cleaning sector. This means that you will have lots of contact with real people – both your staff and clients. Interacting with a wide range of people as you manage your franchise always keeps things fresh and means you never get bored.

Making Money Is Never Dull

Even if cleaning is not your dream industry to work in, it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that cleaning franchises are massively profitable. Making money and being able to save for treats like holidays and houses is never boring and will always give you a real buzz.

Loads Of Training & Support

At Time For You we provide ample support so you are never left frustrated or alone. By giving you access to annual meetings and training sessions, we let you meet other franchise owners to swap ideas with. This not only helps in making your franchise more successful but also stops you from becoming isolated and fed up.

Owning A Cleaning Franchise Is Not Boring

As the above shows, owning a cleaning franchise is certainly not boring. As long as you put the work in to manage it properly, you can meet some wonderful people and make some serious money as well. Get in touch today to see which of our UK franchises are currently available.


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Image source: Unsplash