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The Best Way To Get Clients For A Cleaning Business

The market is wide open for anyone considering launching their own cleaning business as a franchise venture, but one of the first questions asked is usually “How will I get clients for my cleaning business?

It’s an understandable concern. Though one in four households employ cleaning services, the process of tracking down those potential customers – or competing with other local cleaning teams – can seem daunting.

Time for You domestic cleaning provides franchise owners with a shed load of support when it comes to marketing and promotions (more on that below)! However, to put your mind at rest on the topic of how to make a cleaning business successful, here are a few golden tips we’re happy to share.

Be Strategic & Organised

One of the important answers to the question “How to make a cleaning business successful?” is to use a Marketing Plan, but be ready to be spontaneous and grab hold of opportunities that come your way.

Having a plan helps to ensure that you keep up a steady flow of business promotion, such as regular email campaigns, leaflet distribution and “meet and greet” activities at places where parents gather.

A plan also keeps you focused, and helps you choose the right opportunities.

Two of the dangers when it comes to marketing a small business are not doing enough promotion, or doing it in all the wrong places, soaking up cash!

That’s not to say you can’t deviate from the plan when a good idea presents itself – such as a chance to hand out leaflets at a meeting, or a small ad in the school programme. Just make sure to return to that plan afterwards.

Don’t Underestimate Social Media!

The biggest weapon these days is a mobile phone!

The vast majority of people have one, and use it to shop, comment, share, research and entertain themselves. You must have a strong profile across multiple social media channels to specifically promote your domestic cleaning business. if you can get happy clients to comment and review you, you’ll attract new customers faster than you can say jackpot!

Professional Help With Marketing A Cleaning Business

This may sound a lot to accomplish as you work from home managing your domestic cleaning franchise. The good news is, Time for You simplifies the process and provides free support every step of the way. This includes supplying our happy network of franchise owners with ready-made Marketing Plans to follow. You’ll never do any cleaning; and you can talk to any of our current franchise owners first so you know exactly what joining our team will bring you!

We even provide you with a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign to help you attract new clients!

For more information on “how to get clients for my cleaning business”, contact us on info@timeforyou.co.uk or request a free information pack.

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