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3 Problems With Working Life & How To Avoid Them

Work is something we all have to do in order to provide for our families and keep a roof over our heads. For many people, though, this can mean working in a job that they may not even like or working for a boss they cannot stand! In truth, there can be many common problems with working life that most of us may identify with. When you consider the work woes most mums have to put up with, it is a wonder that we manage to carry on!

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1. Battling The Daily Commute

Anyone who has been crushed like a sardine on that train ride into work or been stuck in a long traffic jam on the roads can relate to this. As most of us are trying to travel to work at the same time, it gives rise to the dreaded rush hour. The extra time and stress this commute adds onto your day is no joke!

2. Long Hours

When you finally do make it through the throng of commuters into your workplace, the problems don’t end there. For most workers, the threat of working long hours is always there. It could be necessary to bump up your pay packet or it may be that you have too much work within your role to handle in your usual hours. Whatever the reason, having to work long hours means less time with your family and also more time grinding away at a job you may hate.

3. Lack Of Flexibility

If you work for someone else as an employee, you are stuck in a rigid work pattern. This can be a real issue for those with children who may need extra flexibility to take them to appointments, meet them from school when ill or have time off during school holidays.

How Can You Avoid These Common Working Problems?

If you suffer from all or any of the above, then there is a way to move onto something better in terms of work. A work-from-home franchise is an awesome solution as it helps solve all of the issues we have looked at above. Join Time For You and becoming a cleaning franchise owner today – without you doing any of the cleaning, ever!

Working for yourself as a franchise owner allows you total flexibility in how you work because you are the boss! In addition, you can say goodbye to the daily rush hour chaos as you do not need to step foot out of the house to work. Long hours dictated by horrible bosses are also a thing of the past as you decide when you work or finish for the day. When put together, all of this gives you more time to spend with your family and pursue any hobbies you may have outside of work.

Let Time For You Help

If you are at the point where what you do for work needs to change, then we can help. Our easy to set up and operate flexible working-from-home jobs can be run from an iPad or smartphone for total convenience. With most of our franchise owners earning around £60k per year, this opportunity offers a financially rewarding and family-friendly way to earn a living. We’ll put you in touch with any number of our current franchise owners and hear their success stories! We are happy for you to speak to as many of our current Time For You franchise owners as you’d like – request a free information pack today!