Buying a franchise can be a highly rewarding move for those looking to earn money in a flexible way. Indeed, franchising is a perfect opportunity for family-oriented people who may have relatives or children to look after, or as a side gig for those with part-time jobs.

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If you’ve decided to invest in a franchise, the first step is to decide on the sector you would like to get involved in. Cleaning franchises are a fantastic low-cost option for those interested in helping people get their properties clean and tidy. In this way, provided that you pick a good, solid, proven franchise company, buying a cleaning franchise is the perfect opportunity for someone that derives satisfaction from a job well done and, thanks to their relatively low cost, is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of franchising.

So, what are the five crucial questions on buying a franchise? And how do cleaning franchises work?

1. How Much Money Will I Need To Invest Upfront?

The investment required for buying into a franchise will vary widely depending on the sector you go into and the franchise itself. There will also likely be a variety of options depending on your level of commitment. Start by taking account of your net worth and working out the kinds of returns you are after. Remember that while investing in a franchise may seem like a big commitment, once your business is up and running you will be able to sell it off and make a substantial profit.

2. Will I Need To Make Financial Or Family Sacrifices Whilst Establishing Myself?

One of the best things about franchises is that they have clear business models based on existing outlets that will allow you to gauge whether you will need to make financial sacrifices. With cleaning franchises, financial sacrifices are likely to be relatively low. The same goes for family time, as you can work flexibly and at your own pace. Even better, you may be able to incorporate it into family life by getting them involved in the running of your business.

3. Am I Willing To Take Part In Training & Development?

One of the best things about investing in a franchise is that well-developed franchise networks offer free training and support options that will help you grow and develop in your field. For cleaning franchises, then, this will cover skills such as making sales, marketing, billing and, of course, customer service.

4. Are Any Franchises Guaranteed To Work?

Mostly not. However, at Time For You we offer a written guarantee – if you don’t achieve £30,000 in profit after 18 months, you can claim all your money back.

5. Can I Ask As Many Existing Franchise Owners Questions, Without Committing Myself Or Signing Anything?

Time For You, as do the British Franchise Association (BFA), recommend that you get free access to a franchise network without any commitment.

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