Have you ever dreamt about setting up your own business…

but have been put off by the cost of starting from scratch? Or are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks to manage by yourself?

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If so, the chances are you’ve heard of franchising and are wondering ‘why buy a franchise?’ Could franchising be the way to achieving your goal of being your own boss with the financial reward you deserve, and allowing you a better work/life balance so you can spend precious time with your family?

To answer this question, it’s worth knowing what a franchise actually involves. Put simply, you buy a licence to operate a tried and tested business and in return you receive training, support and a proven model. One of the great benefits of buying a franchise is that if you decide to move on, you can sell the franchise just like any other asset, giving you peace of mind.

So far, so good. But with the sheer variety of different franchises out there, how do you know which sort of business would suit your skills, experience and lifestyle? If you are organised, pride yourself on high standards and are good at managing your own time, a cleaning franchise could be perfect for you. And if you’re wondering ‘is a cleaning business profitable?’ look no further than the Time For You domestic cleaning franchise, which offers the chance to earn £65,000 a year.

Established in 1997 and with 221 franchise owners currently, the beauty of the Time For You franchise is that because this is a management opportunity, you won’t be doing any of the cleaning yourself, ever! It’s a simple-to-run business where you can work from home at times that suit you, in an area where there will always be a need for your services. You will enjoy being paid in advance and the potential to earn way beyond your current pay packet. And you will be supported with fantastic training, your own page on the Time For You website and everything you need to start up a successful, profitable business.

If you’ve reached a crossroads in your life and are frustrated with working hard for absolutely no reward, Time For You could be the change you need. Take the first step towards a new life where you get a great return for your investment, working when you feel like it, by contacting Time For You today on info@timeforyou.co.uk.