A Day In The Life Of A Cleaning Franchise Owner


A Day In The Life Of A Cleaning Franchise Owner

Choosing to become your own boss by investing in a cleaning company franchise can be a daunting decision. After all, there are so many unknowns that it can be tough to make such a big choice. But you may just be surprised at how much freedom (and how little hands-on work), you really need to do as a franchise owner. With that in mind, let’s take some time to glimpse the lifestyle that could be possible when you join Time For You…

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Dominique is a cleaning franchise owner with a new-born baby! Like most babies, Dominique’s daughter sets the schedule when it comes to sleeping, which means that Dominique has to work around this and manage her time where she can. She has a husband who she’s managed to train a little bit to help her organise her appointments, so that’s a big timesaver, but she still needs to juggle all of these responsibilities while being a new mother. It may seem like a tall order, so you might be surprised to hear that Dominique was able to reach 100 clients in only nine months! And that meant £30,000 in annual income. Let’s see how Time For You was able to help Dominique take control of her life and become her own boss.

First up: Dominique’s schedule. With a new-born baby daughter who really has to come first, Time For You gave Dominique the freedom to set her own hours. Whether her baby is sleeping through the night or waking at 4am every day, as a Time For You franchise owner Dominique can take care of business at a time to suit her (and her daughter). Another common factor affecting new mothers is pay – just how can you ensure your income remains stable when you’re not working? For Dominique, Time For You has given her precious breathing space by providing a reliable income stream for her family. The new-found independence of being a cleaning franchise owner has had another surprising benefit, too – it’s brought Dominique and her husband closer together. Because he’s been helping her manage her appointments on a part-time basis, they’ve no longer had to fight over when (or how) they’ll be able to spend some quality time together.

Oh, and one last thing you should know about Dominique: she hates cleaning. But guess what? As a Time For You franchise owner, she’ll never need to touch a scrubbing brush. That’s true freedom. With Time For You, you never do any cleaning – ever!

To find out more about what becoming a Time For You franchise owner can give you, email ruth.rayner@timeforyou.co.uk.

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