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The Franchise Agreement Time For You uses is an agreement that has been set up by the British Franchise Associations Top legal team. It is based on what is fair and reasonable to both parties (the Franchisor and the Franchisee). It is most unusual in that we do not charge a Royalty Fee nor a Marketing Fee which would be a very, very expensive difference to your income ie. You would certainly pay much, much more with other franchise companies.

This is why our Franchise Owners re-new their franchise after the five-year term has expired as unlike other franchises you do not pay again the franchisee fee and why should you?

94% of our Franchisees gladly renew the Franchise Agreement for a further five-year term.

We actually prefer no experience so we can train you in our methods. Experienced people can be difficult to re-train.

What we are looking for is people with a ‘dream to follow’ and ambition. Our training has proven this over 200 times!

Your daily tasks as a Franchise Owner is to grow your business in line with your expectations. You set the Agenda and you do the tasks required to meet your own set agenda.

  • Tasks would generally be to advertise your business to both potential clients and potential cleaners.
  • Take calls from clients wanting a cleaner, book in a suitable appointment to meet potential clients, sign up potential clients and crucially get paid in advance!
  • Find suitable cleaners using our app and then get the cleaner to introduce themselves to the client.

Repeat, repeat, repeat until your own objectives have been met.

A Time For You Franchise represents a brilliant value for money investment in your future. You choose the hours you work, you choose the income you want. We help you achieve your goals.

Initial investment is £16,750 plus VAT, no Royalty Fees to pay just an ongoing Monthly Management Fee of just £300 per month plus VAT. This is covered by us for the first three months after training, thereafter all the money you receive is yours. No cleaners to pay, no invoicing to do. Your clients pay you in advance. What’s not to like?

This question is answered in your own beliefs and ambitions. Would you believe that an average income would be £65,000 with the average hours worked would be just 16? (This is after the initial start up phase where much more effort is required to get going).

However, some incomes are lower (by choice) and some much, much higher also by choice. When you come to see us we can discuss this in much more detail.

At the end of your deliberations, you will eventually come to your own conclusions as to what works best for you.

However, experience has shown that compared to many of the other brands out there, Time For You is head and shoulders over the competitors, unless you want to pay 10% of your gross turnover plus VAT in Royalties! Unless you want to sometimes do the cleaning yourself if the cleaner doesn’t show up! Unless you have no reason to want a 100% Money Back Guarantee if things don’t work out for you!

That the Franchisor has never been a cleaner themselves, personally like I was. This means that you get the ‘Insider Knowledge’ just as I had to learn from Day 1 making mistakes that costs thousands of pounds that you won’t need to make! And that proof that our system works means that you are 100% ‘Bombproof’ from any claim or incident that could so easily ruin your chances of success. This is why our franchise network is so happy to talk to you honestly and freely before you ever sign anything or commit yourself. Unlike many of our competitors.

As you are aware, we can only have one Franchise Owner per area available. The areas available right now can be seen here – Areas For Sale. Any areas not shown as for sale are already taken.

Many of our Franchise Owners do live on the area they operate in and many others do not.

If an area you live in has been taken but one is a reasonable distance away is available, that too can work as you would fit your appointments all in one day rather than going back and forth on a daily basis. However, please ask us and we can put you in touch with our Franchisees with distances to travel to their areas so you can get their honest opinion.

We have had many of our Franchise Owners sell on for a handsome profit and then move on to the next phase of their life, usually around £150-£200 thousand pounds. How much could you sell your current job for?


We are the only Franchise company that actually insists that you talk to as many of our existing franchise owners as you would like. Not like the other franchises that give you a ‘pet’ list of three or four people that have been set up to say all the nice things and never mention the pitfalls and are all on a commission too!

We want you to know ‘warts and all’ so you are really prepared to make Time For You a brilliant success like our brilliant team who would be happy to share with you before you go any further.

In a word, yes, we genuinely believe that it is our responsibility to only take on potential Franchise Owners that have the ‘right’ characteristics and not just grab the money and see what happens like most other franchise companies do.

However, it is on you to provide the motivation and energy to be your own boss and do what is needed to be a success. We train you properly, we provide the right equipment, we get the area balanced properly. As a company of 23 years’ experience we know who to take on and who to leave alone.

With only four people having failed in 23 years we really do know who fits in and who doesn’t!

That is why we interview each other at our Home Office in Northampton first. You can book an appointment with Freddie and Ruth by clicking here.