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We've been asked a lot of questions since our first franchisees came on board in 1998.

Here are some of the most frequently asked ones – with answers, of course...


What do I receive for my Initial Fee & Monthly License Fee?


full-logoIn short you get everything you need to build yourself a successful business under the Time For You brand.

This includes on-going help with business development, continuous brand development, on-going training and events. The web presence, lead generation, app development and online optimisation are all included as well, along with all the help and advice you need as your business grows.


How does the business model work?


residual-incomeTime for You is a very different – and better (!) – model to most other cleaning franchises, not least because you, the franchisee, never does any cleaning.

The model works like this: - we find clients who want a cleaner. - we then find a cleaner who wants to do the cleaning.

Our franchisees co-ordinate the cleaning for the client by placing a self-employed cleaner to carry out the cleaning service to a high standard. It's your job to ensure that the cleaner is fit and proper i.e. Insured/Security checked etc prior to placing.

This model means that you have no staff to employ and no cleaning is carried out by you, the franchisee.

The client pays the cleaner direct each week and pays the franchisee three months upfront at the start of the service. It's a brilliant model that's been proven now for over 20 years across hundreds of franchisees.


Do all clients bookings come through the website?


leads-through-websiteNo not at all.

Leads will come direct to you via your web-site profile / contact number and marketing promotions and other marketing methods and sites such as CheckATrade.


Will I have my own website and social media presence?


Yes. You get your own webpage on a highly optimised Time For You Website which maximises your presence in local search results online.

You can set up your own social media accounts and use the content provided by us to promote your business using those channels.



Do you have your own app?


Yes – it's an important part of the business.

We invest a lot in developing bespoke systems to help you manage your business.

These include cloud-based management systems to keep your business records up to date and an iPad app to create digital contracts for your clients which eliminates all the paper and saves you loads of time.

We're always looking at ways to improve the systems as well – things don't stand still here, that's for sure.



Do I have to pay the franchise investment fee in one payment.


No. Your Initial deposit is paid to secure your territory then the balance is due 2 weeks prior to your training commencing.

Many of our franchisees apply for funding of up to 80% of the investment so that you can spread the cost.


Who provides the cleaning chemicals and equipment?


The client.

Always the client. It's not you.


Can I speak to existing franchisees to get their perspective on the business?


phone-womanYes – please do!

We don't have a 'pet' list for you to talk to like many franchises do, so feel free to talk with as many of our franchisees as you like so you get a clear and accurate picture of how this business works and what's involved.



How is the territory made up? Is it a new territory or has it been used before


Your territory is created using our demographics system.

We make sure that you'll have a minimum of at least 30,000 'ABC' householders in your Territory.

Some territories are new. A few will have been used before. It will depend on where you are.


What are the security checks for the cleaners.


We cover all this on your training but they need to have a basic DBS check.

Sometimes the cleaner will already have this but it'll be your responsibility to have it on file.


Do any franchisees fail?


guaranteeYes. We have given five franchisees their money back in the last 23 years.

The only franchisee's that don't get the return from the franchise they were looking for though are those who don't follow the model.

Our unique Buy Back Guarantee protects all new franchisees.


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